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RHONJ Recap: Teresa Giudice Tells Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri She Wants to ‘Cut the Cancer Out’


Oh, the drama.

Sunday’s episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey was full of family drama as Teresa Giudice went head to head with her cousins Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri; making it crystal clear she’s DONE with their relationship.

Rosie enlisted Siggy Flicker and Jacqueline Laurita to help her bring the family together to talk. Siggy was hopeful she could help Rosie and Kathy mend their relationship with Teresa while Jacquline wasn’t as optimistic knowing the family history.

While Teresa’s relationship’s with her cousins is on shaky ground, her relationship with her sister-in-law Melissa Gorga is better than ever. The sister-in-laws bonded and opened up to each other during a walk; where Teresa discussed Joe’s upcoming prison sentence and how he’s not handling it well at all.

Teresa reveals that Joe has been getting worse and worse as his prison start date approaches. Also revealing that Joe hasn’t opened up about his feelings and has been drinking every night to sleep. Melissa is shocked that Teresa is being so open about the difficulties she’s experiencing; admitting this is the closest she and Teresa have ever been.

Meanwhile, it’s nothing but happy news for the Laurita family as Ashlee Holmes get proposed to by her boyfriend, Pete Malleo. While walking around the Hoboken waterfront, Pete gets down on one knee and asks Ashlee to marry him. Ashlee obviously says yes, I mean did you see that rock, and the happy couple embraces and enjoys the moment of bliss.

The newly engaged couple then heads back to Franklin Lakes where they share their happy news with Ashlee’s family. Jacqueline broke down in tears of happiness, while CJ and Chris have a much more relaxed reaction. Chris, who probably is seeing dollar signs while thinking of all those wedding costs, tells Pete “She’s all yours, Good luck.”

Later on, Teresa meets for drinks at Melissa’s with Siggy where they try to help Teresa by suggesting the group take a trip to Vermont. While Teresa said she needed to be with her family, they girls continued to push until she caved and said yes.

Then Siggy, Jacqueline, and Teresa met for drinking, and Siggy tried to pitch Teresa the idea that she meet with her cousins Kathy and Rosie for lunch.

Teresa wasn’t happy people were getting involved her family drama again, told Siggy and Jacquline not to get involved and stay out of it. When Jacquline pushed a little more, Teresa flipped telling her not to bring up her family because she didn’t want to hear it.

Siggy was stunned by Teresa’s reaction, but Jacquline wasn’t. Siggy and Jacqueline didn’t ease up and continued trying insisting that Kathy and Rosie just want their family back, which Teresa wasn’t buying especially since they trashed her family so many times.

A while later Siggy, Jacqueline, Melissa, and Joe Gorga go over to Kathy and Rich’s new house and of course, the subject of Teresa comes up, and tempers boil over. Joe defends his sister, while Melissa begs not to be put in the middle, which Jacqueline doesn’t like. Rich then takes a cheap shot at Teresa by saying he loves his wife, but Teresa’s husband doesn’t love her. Rosie barked at the group to stop as did Joe who wasn’t happy with Rich’s attack on his sister. Joe then said he would get Teresa to sit down with Kathy and Rosie.

Finally, Teresa and Joe meet with Rosie and Kathy. Teresa was sorry for Joe to be dragged into the drama but Rosie and Kathy were happy the cousins could be together. Kathy said she wanted to go forward and be a family, but Teresa made it clear she didn’t want the same.

Teresa said she didn’t want to be hurt anymore and made it clear that Rich’s negativity and cutting ways hurt her, which Kathy actually agreed with. Then Teresa put it all on the table; telling Kathy and Rosie that it seems they only want to be around her now that she’s back in the public eye, which they denied. Teresa then said she wanted to cut the cancer out of her life, which didn’t sit well with Kathy or Rosie.

Teresa made it clear she couldn’t get past her issues with Kathy and Rosie right now and told them they needed to respect that. Rosie then said they all were an embarrassment to their parents for not being able to get along and be a family.

The lunch ended without any screaming, and everyone knew where they stood.Kathy, Teresa, and Rosie all wished each other the best and said the door was always open if they needed anything from each other.

Teresa left with Joe and cried the entire way home.

Do you think Teresa will ever mend her relationship with Rosie and Kathy? Thoughts on Sunday’s episode?

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