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Melissa Gorga Gives Her Two Cents On Teresa Giudice’s Feud With Kathy Wakile And Rosie Pierri

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Teresa Giudice set the record straight with her cousin’s Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri on Sunday’s episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

In a sit-down lunch with Kathy, Rosie, and her brother Joe Gorga, Teresa told her cousins she wants to cut the cancer aka them from her life. Teresa called Kathy and Rosie out for only contacting her and wanting to make amends now that she’s back in the spotlight.

While the cousins decided not to pursue a relationship at this time they did agree to support one another and be there for each other if and when they needed it.

Following Sunday’s RHONJ episode, Melissa Gorga appeared on Watch What Happens Live! where she gave her two cents on Teresa’s feud with Rosie and Kathy.

A caller asked Melissa why she is dropping Kathy and Rosie this season when she loved them in previous seasons when they stood up for her.

“I’m not dropping them. I feel like we have grown apart, I’m not gonna lie about that. They actually stopped calling me to start that off. Sometimes people just grow apart, and we didn’t have a big fight. I love them very much, they’re like family, they are family to us. I feel like what goes on between them, and Teresa runs deep down the line. Like before I was even around, generations,” Melissa explains.

Then Melissa was asked why, her husband, Joe told Teresa about the nasty comments Rich Wakile made; was Joe trying to make the situation worse.

Melissa defends Joe saying, “No, she’s obviously gonna see it and hear about it anyway. They’re at the point where there’re no secrets anymore. If someone says it and does it, obviously it’s gonna be said, and there’s no hiding anything we say or do.”

Finally, Melissa’s asked if Teresa will ever be able to get over the hurt caused by Kathy and Rosie.

“I think Teresa goes through a process. It takes time, and it has to process. I don’t know how else to explain that. It takes a minute, and I think she’s gotta get over one thing before she can approach the next thing. And I think she’s stuck in the rut right now of she doesn’t feel it’s genuine. She feels like it’s for reasons that are not real and she can’t get past that. I do believe they want to be back in the family and wanna be with us, but I do see that she feels like they didn’t reach out when she was away.”

Andy Cohen chimes in saying that Rosie and Kathy weren’t on the list to visit Teresa. Melissa notes that either was she, but says she still wrote letters and sent pictures to Teresa.

Do you think Kathy and Rosie want to make up with Teresa for the right reasons? Will Teresa ever get over her issues with Kathy and Rosie? Should Joe have told Teresa what Rich said?

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