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Dina Manzo Sets the Record Straight: Did NOT Bring Boyfriend to Lauren Manzo’s Wedding or Reception!

I don’t know if it’s our shared love of yoga or cats but I’ve always enjoyed Dina Manzo on RHONJ. Dina is now on the west coast, moving as far as she can from the Jersey drama; however she was thrown back in on Sunday’s episode of WWHL. After Caroline stated that she was no longer on speaking terms with Dina, a story emerged that the reason was due to Dina inviting her boyfriend to Lauren’s wedding. So is there is any truth to this? That’s a negative – and that’s coming straight from the horse’s mouth!

Taking to her Twitter page, Dina set the record straight on reports that she and her boyfriend caused a fight to break out during Lauren’s reception at the Brownstone. Dina herself tweeted “My BF was NOT at that wedding.”

Image Source: Twitter - Dina Manzo
Image Source: Twitter – Dina Manzo

When it was then accused that her boyfriend wasn’t at the wedding but actually the reception, Dina shut that down quickly as well clarifying: “he wasn’t at the reception either. I promise.”

Image Source: Twitter - Dina Manzo
Image Source: Twitter – Dina Manzo

Although Caroline left out the details as to why they weren’t speaking, that’s just the way Dina prefers it. Dina correctly stated that airing the family drama was only hurting their parents. I have to agree that a simple ‘things are fine’ would have been sufficient from Caroline instead of saying “it’s over” which opened the floodgates.

In an adorable moment, after Dina lamented that she had been sick with the flu her mother tweeted to her to feel better. I’m honestly impressed Mrs. Laurita knows how to tweet! Looks like I need to teach my mom a thing or two about social media:

Image Source: Twitter - Dina Manzo
Image Source: Twitter – Dina Manzo

We also spoke exclusively with Dina herself who reiterated to AllAboutTRH: “My BF wasn’t at the wedding at all. I can assure you of that.” Well if that doesn’t settle it I don’t know what will!

Thoughts on Dina’s tweets? Do you think Carolina should have said what she did when asked about their relationship?

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