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Caroline Manzo Reveals Her Reconciliation With Dina Is Over; Plus Dina Puts Caroline On Blast!

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During Caroline Manzo’s appearance on Watch What Happens Live! host Andy Cohen read a tweet from her sister Dina Manzo saying, “@siggyflicker gives great advice. You go girl.”


Andy followed up by asking Caroline if she and Dina were still on good terms, to which Caroline shook her head, no, saying, “No, it’s over. What are you going to do?”

This revelation by Caroline hit a nerve with Dina, who became enraged on Twitter and threatened to spill the truth about their feud.

“I’m sick w the flu for 7 days & not in the mood for this shit. I said one day I will snap, and I might be about to,” Dina tweeted.


Perhaps it was the cold medicine or maybe Dina just reached her limit with Caroline but the former RHONJ star began to reveal the truth about their falling out in a series of tweets.

“I was told NEVER to reach out/speak to her or her family again. Disinvited to holidays? But I’m the rock she’s trying to get blood out of?”


Dina went on to bash Caroline for speaking about their family issues, “No reason to go there publicly. I was asked that same question on my press tour for my skincare & protected “family” by saying all is good.”


As for why she tweeted Siggy, Dina explained, “Siggy was giving great relationship advice on the NY girls & I gave her a compliment. Andy or a caller would have asked the question anyway.”


However, Dina made it clear she is DONE protecting her family while alluding to much deeper family issues and calling out Caroline for being a fame whore.

“I’ve kept my mouth shut for yrs to protect my parents & husband at the time. I’m done. My parents can’t be hurt any more than they are now. So go ahead get all the attention you want for your show…while you’re at it call your parents. DONE.”

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I’m so glad my girl Dina finally spoke the TRUTH. She’s the only member of that family who’s been silent about their family drama and not spilling it all over social media. I’m so glad that she finally spoke the truth and didn’t let the blame be placed on her yet again. Caroline could have just said were good but instead she says stuff that will start drama and make her relevant again. Not cool. I feel sad for Dina and Caroline’s parents.

Are you Team Dina or Team Caroline? Are you surprised Dina and Caroline are feuding again?

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