Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley Reveal Why They Haven’t Gotten Married – Are They Holding Out for Bravo Cameras?

Image Source: Bravo

Image Source: Bravo

Bravo fans have been calling out Gretchen and Slade ever since they proposed for Bravo cameras then failed to get married. Speaking out to People Magazine Gretchen revealed exactly why they hadn’t tied the knot yet and if they are hoping for babies.

Per Gretchen: “Really, the thing that ultimately held us back from pulling the trigger is the fact that Slade and I don’t do anything really small; we kind of do things over-the-top and a little snazzy. Right now, our focus is really on trying to have a baby of our own, and our money and our stuff is going towards that and towards his son.”

I’ll never understand why housewives who are financially strained still insists on extravagant over the top parties and weddings.

Gretchen continued: “Until we kind of get some of those things figured out, I think it doesn’t feel right to spend $200,000 on a wedding right this minute. I think that’s why we’re at that place.”

“That is definitely my hope and dream. We’re just putting our resources into other things that are a little bit more of a priority for us right now. Once we feel like it’s appropriate to spend that kind of money on the type of wedding that we would like, then we will definitely consider that.”

$200K on a wedding?? Keep saving those pennies Gretchen…

Gretchen also has been hoping for a fairytale wedding complete with castle and isn’t really a courthouse type of bride:

“Every castle that we found and looked at was in Italy or some really far away place. The more that we looked at that we just thought, ‘Gosh, that would be so difficult to get our family and friends to that type of a location.’ So we started looking for anything here in the States that would resemble a castle-like feel. We came across the Biltmore and we were so taken back by it. It’s such a breathtaking property. It’s just so beautiful. I think every girl wants to feel like a princess on her wedding day, and I think that kind of sets the theme for that.”

“We really want our wedding to be a full weekend event where there’s something to do every day and everybody is coming in and really enjoying themselves. That’s our vision. When we went to NeNe Leakes and Gregg’s wedding, that’s what they did. They really made it an event for all their guests all weekend long. It was such a memorable wedding that we both said to each other, ‘That’s the kind of feel and the kind of experience that we want all our guests to have.’ That’s kind of what is in our mind when it comes to the Biltmore.”

Okay so I know every girl wants to be a princess at their wedding but most eventually get realistic and focus more on the union than having a castle and spending their entire savings on one night. It would be different if they had Vanderpump or Dubrow money, but as they both keep saying how bad finances are I don’t see why they insist on having a beyond extravagant wedding. Do you think they are hoping that Bravo will magically reach out and offer to pay for their special day??

What do you think of Gretchen’s wedding plans? Do you think she is acting ridiculous or do you think she should hold out for that fairytale dream wedding?

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