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Most Shocking Moments From RHONY Reunion Part 1!

Image Source: Bravo
Image Source: Bravo

This has been one of the most epic season’s of RHONY and Part 1 of the reunion did not disappoint. In case you missed it, we’re revealing the most shocking moments of the reunion (so far) including the jaw dropping accusations that made even Andy Cohen uncomfortable!

1.) The drug accusation:

Remember when Alex posing topless was considered a scandal and made Ramona flee the reunion? Now we have illegal drugs floating around and no one bats an eye (times have changed!) Bethenny hints that Dorinda and John are into coke and Sonja flat out states that everyone knows it. It’s then thrown out that there are drugs within the group at parties/functions but no one wants to ruin lives so it’s dropped. My issue with this is that if you are going to throw out an accusation like that you better back it up. You don’t drop a bomb then say you don’t want to discuss it (which is what happened.) Even Andy seemed uncomfortable and I thought it was a very unattractive look for the show.

2.) Ramona reveals that she still cries about Mario:

Despite Ramona being very ‘fris-kay’ this season; she still is mourning the end of her marriage to Mario. Ramona was called out by Bethenny for going crazy after the divorce and for going out with any man she laid eyes on. Since then Ramona has calmed down and been more selective as she realized everything was going to be okay. Despite that, Ramona admitted that there were nights that she still cried about Mario. She also reveals Avery loves her mom’s look and thought her new breasts looked great.

3.) Luann accuses Bethenny of being the ultimate hypocrite:

We saw Bethenny tear Luann a new one and ‘slut shame’ her in the Berkshires. Luann wasn’t over it and said if anyone was a hypocrite it was Bethenny as she was the one sleeping with a married man while he was still living with his family. Bethenny denied this and had Carole and Ramona back her up. Bethenny was also accused of slut shaming Luann by viewers; however Bethenny said she didn’t care who Luann went out with but she shouldn’t be writing books on class.

4.) Bethenny calls her boyfriend’s daughter:

In a Jerry Springer moment, Bethenny called her boyfriend Dennis Shields’ daughter to clear her good name. The daughter confirmed that Bethenny was definitely not in the picture while her dad was with her mom; however Luann accused the daughter of covering for Bethenny. Luann looked like an idiot as the daughter would obviously side with the mom over the girlfriend so it was clear Luann did not have her facts straight. The call did seem rehearsed and I’m suspecting Bethenny gave the daughter the heads up she may be calling her at the reunion so she should have her phone nearby.

5.) Carole’s dress:

In all honestly I thought the ladies looked great (hair, dress, skin) however I couldn’t get over Carole’s dress. It was ‘Sister Wives’ meets ‘Little House on the Prairie.‘ I don’t know if anyone saw the latest episode of Bravo’s Odd Mom Out where Jill had to wear an awful bridesmaid’s dress but it was a tad similar. Maybe she saw it and used it for inspiration?


What were your thoughts on Part 1 of the reunion? What did you find most shocking?

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