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AATRH Exclusive: Kelly Dodd’s Past Violent Outbursts Exposed!

Real Housewives of Orange County star Kelly Dodd is turning out to be just as crazy off-screen as she is on. Ever since Kelly joined RHOC, all her dirty laundry has been coming out of the woodwork, now All About The Real Housewives has an another revelation to spill from Kelly’s book of secrets.

Last week, AATRH revealed the shocking death threats Kelly made toward her ex-boyfriend Jeff Caldwell’s new wife, Heidi.

And now, AATRH has obtained a police report from the Newport Beach Police Department that details Kelly’s physical attack on Heidi Caldwell aka Heidi Delgadillo.

The Police report which stems from September 2015, describes Kelly’s physical confrontation with Heidi at their children’s school. The report also lists Kelly’s offense as Battery.

According to the report, Kelly and Heidi “have had a history of verbal confrontations that have escalated. The fights have occurred because Delgadillo’s fiancée is Kelly’s ex-boyfriend. Kelly entered the classroom and confronted about a verbal argument both had at the school the previous day.”

The report goes on to say, “Kelly was enraged as she began arguing and stated, ‘Fuck you bitch, you’re nothing but a stripper!’ and waving money in front of Delgadillo. The argument escalated, and Delgadillo reached out, grabbed Kelly arm, and dug her nails into her arm. Kelly immediately pushed away using both hands and Delgadillo walked away arguing.”

Now that is Kelly’s version of events, Heidi, on the other hand, says she and Kelly began arguing when “Kelly stated to her, “Here hooker!” and started throwing money at Delgadillo. Kelly reached out and grabbed Delgadillo’s upper right arm. Delgadillo pushed her away stating “Get away from me.” Heidi also cited that she kept arguing with Kelly until she got into her vehicle and drove away.

In the report, the police officer notes that he observed, “several red marks” and “scratches that were beginning to bruise” on both women.

A witness reported that Heidi did get physical first but notes that both women “continued to argue and curse at each other.”

Following the altercation, neither Kelly or Heidi wanted to “make an arrest” or file an official “police report” but both wanted “to have it documented.”

See the full reports here:



Now after reading the full police report, the report is very He-said, she-said but it’s likely that both Kelly and Heidi got physical with each other. First off, what grown women fight at their children’s school. I’ve witnessed Kelly’s craziness on RHOC, so I’m sure she’s capable of this all but who’s to say, Heidi, also isn’t. I think BOTH these women need to leave each other alone and stay far away from each other.

I’m still on the fence about Kelly and am keeping an open mind about her this season.

Oh and if you’re curious about who Heidi is, here are a few pictures of her and her hubby (Kelly’s ex) Jeff. (P.S. thanks to Bye Felicia for finding these gems)

Image Source: TheKnot.com
Image Source: TheKnot.com

Thoughts on this latest scandal from Kelly? Do you think Kelly is to blame for this altercation? Should Kelly and Heidi leave each other alone?

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