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Peggy Tanous Thinks Alexis Bellino May Still Be Weirded Out By Her History with Jim!

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Showing that the housewives series is similar to the mafia, two former OC housewives are proving that once you’re in you can’t get out of the housewives drama!

We all remember former friends Peggy Tanous and Alexis Bellino. The two were both suburban OC housewives who had a love for big blonde hair, big boobs and had the same taste in men (ew.) We found out at the same time that Alexis did that Peggy dated Alexis’s husband in the past (a little detail Jim forgot to tell his wife) and saw the wrath of Alexis at the reunion.

Bravo recently caught up with Peggy and got the latest update on one of the worst love triangles in reality TV history.

As to why she never told Alexis she had dated Jim, Peggy states:

“I know that toward the end of the show, she was like, ‘Oh, you never told me.’ And it’s like, well, ’cause Jim asked me not to. So I felt like that was the way I needed to be. Like, I wanted to respect her marriage, and he’s the husband, and let him, if he wants to tell her, he can tell her. But once we’re both on this reality show, he was like, ‘Oh, God, I’ve got to tell her.'”

I’m going to agree with Peggy. Jim should have told Alexis – not Peggy. Plus, does anyone find it creepy that Jim told Peggy to keep their romantic past a secret from his wife??

Despite the rocky patch in their marriage, Peggy said she and Alexis are cool (at least for the moment:)

“I’m on good terms with everyone. It’s funny because people are like, ‘Oh, Alexis is at the party, too.’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, I went up to her. I talked to her. Like, we’re totally fine,’. Are we friends? No, we’re not really friends. We’re just different people. We don’t hang out in the same crowds anymore. But I’m fine with everybody.”

Despite Peggy being cool with Alexis, she feels that Alexis still may be jealous or just weirded out of her past with Jim:

“I think for her, it was a big blow to her to find out we had gone out. Unfortunately, I don’t feel like she could ever move past that. So I think we’re friendly, we get along, we say hi, we’re cordial, we see each other at events. And I think that’s fine. But I don’t think we would ever pursue a friendship because I think to her it’s just a weirdness that like, ‘Oh, this person used to date my husband,’ even though it was a very casual dating thing, I think for her it’s just a weirdness. I don’t have a weirdness with it, but I think she does. I could be wrong, but that is my feeling.”

We haven’t heard a lot of news about Peggy recently so I’m wondering if she is looking to get back on the show. She did have some money issues so that Bravo paycheck may be luring her back into the spotlight! For the record, although Peggy was never my favorite I didn’t think Alexis should have blamed her. I would be more worried that my husband deliberately wanted to keep his romance with a friend a secret.

What do you think of the Peggy/Alexis/Jim love triangle? Would you want to see Peggy back on RHOC?

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