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Lisa Vanderpump Blasts Brandi Glanville As A ‘Liar’ Over Claims Mohamed Hadid Cheated On His Ex Yolanda Foster With Joanna Krupa!

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Uh-oh, things are about to get even uglier between former friends Brandi Glanville and Lisa Vanderpump after newly brought to light documents make Brandi look like a big fat liar all thanks to Lisa!

In a 2015 deposition for Joanna Krupa and Brandi Glanville’s ongoing lawsuit, LVP and Mohamed Hadid blast Brandi’s allegations against Joanna.The long-time friends deny ever telling Brandi that Joanna had an affair with Mohamed or that she had smelly private parts.

Previously Brandi claimed that Lisa and Mohamed told her at Lisa’s home that Mohamed and Joanna had a two-year affair while Mohamed was married to his ex, Yolanda. Something that all parties involved deny.

All of this stems from a January 2015 interview Brandi did with Andy Cohen where she mentioned the alleged affair and spoke about the smell of Joanna’s lady parts. Joanna then sued Brandi for slander and emotional distress demanding monetary damages.

On August 18th, Joanna filed a motion to amend her complaint against Brandi to seek punitive damages up to $2 million.

According to the Daily Mail, Joanna claims that Brandi has changed her story multiple times and that the three key witnesses Mohamed, LVP, and Yolanda deny Brandi’s claims ever occurred.

The transcripts of LVP and Mohamed’s depositions were filed as part of Joanna’s new motion and reveal that both deny any truth to Brandi’s story.

Lisa claims in her deposition that Brandi is known for making false and malicious statements about people.

Going on to say that she’s no longer friends with Brandi,“I think through trial and tribulations, really reality television, and things she did and said here just – kind of ended the relationship.”

Lisa said her and Brandi’s relationship went down hill when Brandi began making public claims about her financial situation which were all lies and were detrimental to her and her husband’s reputation.

The last straw in their friendship came when Brandi slapped LVP while filming a scene for RHOBH.

LVP claims that Mohamed never spoke bad of Joanna and that no comments about Joanna’s vagina or her alleged affair with Mohamed ever took place.

Furthermore, LVP says she doesn’t believe Mohamed and Joanna ever had a sexual relationship and have always just been friends.

However, Lisa does add that she doesn’t think Joanna should be pursuing a lawsuit against Brandi; saying nothing Brandi has to say has any credibility.

Finally, Lisa denies Brandi’s allegations that she got her fired from RHOBH saying,“I’ve been a victim of a lot of her lies. I don’t have the power to have anybody fired, and if I did, she would have been fired the year before.”

Here are two copies of LVP’s deposition obtained by The Daily Mail.

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Ouch – LVP’s statements are damaging to Brandi’s claims – big time. Even though I agree with LVP that Joanna’s lawsuit is silly, Brandi does need to learn she can’t just say anything she wants about people and get away with it.

Do you believe Mohamed had an affair with Joanna and made comments about her lady parts? Are LVP and Mohamed trying to cover up their past claims? Did Brandi fabricate the story about Mohamed and Joanna’s affair? Should Joanna be suing Brandi? Was LVP behind Brandi being fired from RHOBH?

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