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RHONJ Recap: Spa-Cation

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Image Source: Google Images

Tonight’s an all new episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey was not what most fans expected. Instead of explosive drama and catfights, we got bonding, tears, and a lot of laughter. Hey, I’m not complaining!

The episode got off to a rocky start as neither Teresa Giudice or Jacqueline Laurita seemed thrilled to be spending the weekend with each other.

It didn’t seem that Teresa and Jac were going to make peace especially after Jacqueline slighted Teresa upon arrival at the spa; offering Teresa a handshake instead of a hug and being forced to say hello by the other Housewives. However, both ladies quickly let down their walls and were able to have a great time.

After arrival, the ladies headed to dinner, where things were off to an awkward start but things changed when Jac and Tre started to reminisce about their trip to Italy years before. From there the conversation turned to finances, which didn’t cause any table flipping or freak-outs.

While finances are a sensitive topic for most of the cast, they all honestly discussed their current and past issues. Jacqueline opened up about her financial troubles, explaining how expensive it is to care for her son Nick’s treatments for autism. Melissa also talked about her and Joe’s past financial struggles.

Teresa then chimed in commenting that people are always surprised she’s stayed with her husband, Joe after what he’s done. Teresa makes it clear she loves her husband that’s why she stays.

The ladies ended the night by prank calling Teresa’s husband and pretending to be in a huge fight with Jacqueline. Everyone found this hilarious, which it was, and they finished the night off by playing wine pong.

The following morning everyone chowed down on food, and talked about their kids, causing Jacqueline to run to the bathroom in tears. Jacqueline broke down over the other ladies discussing their proud mommy moments because she doesn’t get the same ones with Nick. The ladies rallied around Jac and offered her support. Teresa gave Jac hope saying “If you believe it, he will.”

Later, drama seemed almost rear its ugly head when Jacqueline swore she heard Melissa and Dolores discussing her and Teresa causing Jacqueline to question both the ladies intentions. But Jacqueline was quickly shut down by the ladies.

At the spa, Jacqueline and Teresa enjoyed side-by-side spa treatments and bonded. Jacqueline talked about socializing Nick more and Teresa told her to call her anytime if she needed her for anything. Tre even offered to have Milania hang out with Nick! Wouldn’t that be fun!

Jacqueline revealed that she felt the moment was a breakthrough for them. “It’s nice to have her ask about me and really listen,” Jacqueline said.

Teresa admitted that she hadn’t been there for Jacqueline as much as she would have liked to when Nick was diagnosed with autism because her focus was on her legal issues.

Lucy and Ethel seem to be back on track.

They ended the weekend with a yoga class which Teresa taught. Teresa ended the class, with the wise words of her BFF Dina Manzo, “Namaste, bitches.”

Thoughts on tonight’s episode of RHONJ? Do you think Teresa and Jacqueline truce will last?

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