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Ramona Singer Reflects On RHONY Season 8 & Reveals How She REALLY Feels About Her Co-Stars!

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It’s been an explosive season 8 on RHONY, and now that things have come to an end it is time for the stars, and fans to reflect on everything that has happened! I think we can all agree that divorce suits Ramona Singer well, and she is definitely a changed woman; I personally think for the better!

The Bethenny/Ramona duo is good for both of them, and watching Bethenny teach Ramona how to apologize this season was classic! In this week’s Bravo Blog Ramona was beyond positive and even admitted that she loves all of her co-stars, and has a special relationship with each of them. (Not so) Surprisingly she revealed that she is the closest with Bethenny and Carole right now, but even had nice things to say about her frenemie LuAnn DeLesseps.

I can’t believe it’s a wrap. Season 8 done and finished. What an amazing ride. I must say that after watching every week and thinking about what has gone on. Friendships, arguments, ups and downs, this season was very empowering for me.  The last two episodes were very emotional on everyone. I think in my own way I forgot what a hard weekend it was in Miami. Watching it unfold again brings back so many things. Seeing everything after living it and being able to actually think and listen gives me lots of time to reflect. I truly, truly love these women. They may not always think so, but I do.

Each and every one of them are completely special to me. I have a different bond and relationship with all of them. Some are old friends and some are new friends. After eight seasons there is a lot of history. I never knew I could grow so close to Bethennyand Carole. Truthfully we all are different, but that’s what makes for more interesting friendships. I love that Bethenny, through her tough-as-nails personality, really has a huge heart. She feels, she hurts and she cares. Carole is just so easy to be with and kind-hearted and so sweet. I am so happy to have become close to both of them. 

We are a group of strong-minded women. We all don’t always agree how we do things. We all may see things very different as is the case with Luann, but there is no one in our group that is out to hurt anyone directly. I could go into everything again and recap, but I don’t think that at this point it is necessary. I have my opinion as others have theirs. No one really knows what they would do if they were in the other persons’ shoes, right?

We all signed up to be on a reality show, and sometimes things get exposed that we wish didn’t. If you chose to be in the public eye, then the public sees and hears what they want. 

It’s been a summer of fun for me, and I have seen several of the women socially, whether it be dinner or going away together or even just a quick hello. I am sticking to what I said: I am cautious about who I date, and I try to get to know someone first. As they say, it takes a long time to get to know someone! Look at me. I am a prime example of having the least expected thing happen, but I push forward every day for the love I have for my daughter and for myself.


I wish that Ramona had touched on her relationship with Sonja, they were awkward all season; something definitely goes down between them at the reunion! Overall this has been my favorite RHONY season yet, and I’m hoping this is the first-ever 4-part reunion; there is so much to discuss!

Thoughts on Ramona’s blog? Does divorce suit her well? Did you like season 8? Should Ramona come back next season?

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