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AllAboutTRH Exclusive – Siggy Flicker Responds To Internet Bullies With Open Letter!

If there’s one thing that drives RHONJ Siggy Flicker crazy it’s internet trolls (especially those that hide behind a keyboard and are afraid to reveal who they are!) Siggy was the target of some social media bullies this week who called her a whole bunch of names and singled her out. In true Siggy fashion she wasn’t going to allow this to go unnoticed and has a response for them. Siggy shared her open letter exclusively with AllAboutTRH and wants to make it known that although she may be the new girl – she knows how these games work and is one step ahead!

An Open Letter from Siggy Flicker:

Is Siggy Flicker crazy? YES! I would like to think I’m crazy in a good way. Is Siggy Flicker over the top? YES! Is Siggy Flicker a bit too much? YES! Does Siggy Flicker have a heart of gold? YES! Siggy Flicker is loud, boisterous and constantly refers to herself in the third person. There are A LOT of adjectives that one could use to describe me but calling me boring? Well then I would have to say that YOU are the crazy one!

I have been on this planet for 49 years and people have used many words to describe me but no one has ever described me as BORING! When somebody did, I was taken back and for good reason. You see, I was born in Israel. My mother actually went into labor with me while she was in a bomb-shelter seeking refuge during the Six-Day War. Let me repeat myself, my mother went into labor with me while she was in a BOMB-SHELTER, that’s how Siggy Flicker came into this world. All those adjectives I used to describe myself above, add the words TOUGH, PROUD & JEW, because Siggy Flicker is tough, is proud and yes, is a Jew. So why am I telling you all of this?

Since I started this journey several years ago (and most recently as a housewife on RHONJ) I have been extremely blessed to receive so much love and appreciation. I have met many AMAZING people along the way, but sadly, I have come to learn very recently that there are a select few cockroaches that are not too happy that I am on this journey. As you have read above, Siggy Flicker is a lot of things but Siggy Flicker is not a follower!

So who are these cockroaches? Sadly, those of you reading this know who these creatures are. These creatures are INSIDERS who are now on the OUTSIDE & pissed off about it! They are the people who feed the lies to these blogs for their own motives (you can do your own homework & figure it out.) Just look at who they  support. These toxic people are the ones who light the match and sit back smiling, watching as their fire burns. They sit behind their computers trying to make themselves relevant with hurtful rants against good people and even love tagging you in those rants! PURE EVIL! Their parents obviously didn’t teach them an important lesson which is: ‘If you have nothing nice to say about someone then don’t say it all.’

In this case because I am on TV and scrutiny comes with the territory, I don’t mind them saying it but I do mind them tagging me in their toxic conversation. They are bullies! My whole life I have been practicing what I preach. If there is a toxic person in my life, I get rid of them. So I will continue to block and delete the toxic trolls. Sometimes I get a kick out of going back and forth with them before I decide to block & delete these trolls who hide behind their computers like cowards. Where you trolls are consumed by hate, hate, hate – I am all about the LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, like this blog is all about the TRUTH, TRUTH, TRUTH!

So to the INSIDERS who feed these bullshit blogs with lies who are as non-relevant as you I put you out to pasture. I will continue living my life to the fullest and you can continue hiding behind your computer. I am not going to mention your names, not here, not now, and not ever but I know who you are and more importantly I now know WHAT you are. Maybe after reading this you will now truly know who I am. Remember, there is a thing called KARMA and you never know when it is going to knock on your door!

I am Siggy Flicker

We have spoken with Siggy multiple times and she has been nothing but positive and expressed her desire to bring light to those around her. Her book Write Your Own Fairytale is about finding your self worth and removing toxic people from your life. In the words of Teresa Giudice: While others may hate – we just love love love!

It’s known that certain sites go to great lengths to protect their identities. While most blogs are open and happy to reveal who they are (if you are interested in us check out our ‘meet the team page’) others go out of their way to cover up.

Stay tuned to AllAboutTRH in the next few days – you know here we are All About The Truth!

What are your thoughts on Siggy’s open letter?

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