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Jim And Amber Marchese Continue To Go After Teresa Giudice; Why Is The Bitter Couple Obsessed With Their Former Co-Star?!?

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The Mar-Crazies, have moved on to greener pastures in the world of reality TV but still can’t seem to leave their former co-star Teresa Giudice alone. Jim and Amber are obsessed with Teresa and RHONJ only proving how bitter they are about not being asked back to the hit show.

In a new interview, Jim reveals that he and Amber only left RHONJ due to Teresa’s criminal past. Okay – Jim never mind the fact that you were never asked back.

Jim reveals that he told Bravo straight up that it was him and Amber or Teresa.

“If they wanted her, I was not coming back. I told them with no uncertain terms I would not be back on the show if they were gonna glamorize Teresa. She’s a felon. She’s a criminal.” Jim quipped. “I was done with the show when they decided to try to make a felon like Teresa Giudice, a martyr. That disgusted me, and I was very public about that.”

Despite Jim’s refusal to do RHONJ with Teresa,“Amber was looking forward to possibly doing season two,” Jim confessed. “We obviously wanted her to be treated better, but we were told ‘yeah you take your knocks year one’ and there was a potential.”

However, Jim’s demands to get rid of the star of RHONJ seemed to bite him in the ass, as Bravo kicked the Marchese’s to the curb after season six.

Jim continues to slam Bravo for their decision saying, “They did exactly what I thought they were going to do. They glamorized her — I mean she had a new Lexus in the driveway! You shouldn’t glamorize a criminal!”

My question is WHO is Jim Marchese to demand anything from Bravo; you’re a one-season wonder on a reality show? You have no power and were hardly a fan favorite – funny how this man thinks he has so much power. Jim and Amber are obsessed with Teresa and RHONJ – it’s insane. If Jim and Amber left RHONJ willingly then why are they so obsessed with the show – move on and get a life! They talk about RHONJ being fake, yet they are doing Marriage Boot Camp which is super REAL, yeah right! Jim and Amber are desperate for fame and will do ANYTHING to get it.

Are you surprised Jim and Amber gave Bravo an ultimatum? Do you think the Marchese’s are obsessed with Teresa and RHONJ?

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