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AllAboutTRH Exclusive! Why Don’t We See Siggy Flicker’s Husband on RHONJ?

We love seeing relationship expert Siggy Flicker this season on RHONJ. Despite Siggy having enough energy to fill a room on her own, fans have been asking about a missing person: Where is her husband Michael Campanella? Some viewers have been suspicious at the lack of Michael’s presence; however AllAboutTRH is here to set the record straight on why Michael has chosen to stay off camera.

For anyone whispering about marital problems between Siggy and her husband, we hate to disappoint you but it’s simply not true. We spoke with Siggy herself who cleared up why we haven’t seen her husband on the hit show:

“My husband is a family man and the most incredible person I have ever met. He is a business man and not a reality star. He doesn’t feel comfortable in the spotlight or on camera. He does feel comfortable in the kitchen cooking lasagna and making 65 meatballs on a Sunday afternoon.”

Siggy also cleared up any rumors of trouble in paradise by stating that she and Michael adore each other and have worked hard to build the life that we see on TV:

“Michael has had many ups and downs in his life and from day one I have been infatuated with his honesty and his character. When I met Michael years ago he was very clear and honest about the loss of his mother, his father being sick, his divorce and the fact that he had to sell his business. He hit rock bottom but I knew he would rebuild himself. I just knew it.”

Siggy’s instincts were spot on as they have built a beautiful life together that we get a glimpse of on RHONJ.

We also reached out to Siggy’s sister-in-law Camille who reiterated that her brother is a private person but is happy to let Siggy shine stating:

“My brother is a private person and doesn’t like the spotlight. He adores Siggy and he wants her to shine. He is her backbone and supports her 100%. He’ll never hold her back.”

Camille also shared a funny story between them that also involves fellow RHONJ star Teresa Giudice!

“We went to dinner and Teresa and her friends were at another table. Siggy went over to say ‘hi’ and all of a sudden she was standing with her arms up in the air telling a story. Michael just laughed and said ‘that’s my wife – I love her!’ He’s never embarrassed – he purely just wants her to be happy.”

Siggy admits she’s a lot to take (it’s even her tagline!) but she definitely found the right man to let Siggy be Siggy.

Although we would love to see Michael Campanella on our screens, we respect his desire to remain private and let his wife shine.

Thoughts on Michael’s desire to stay off camera?

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