Tamra Judge Doesn’t Know Where Kelly Dodd Got That ‘Prostitute’ Comment From – Calls Her Crazy!

Image Source: Bravo

Image Source: Bravo

Tamra is usually the one at the center of the drama on RHOC; however she is getting a break with new girl Kelly taking that spot! This week, Tamra took to her Bravo Blog to discuss the sushi party from hell along with Kelly’s dramatic outburst:

I thought it would be a great idea to have a party for Meghan before she got pregnant and couldn’t drink alcohol or eat sushi for the next year. Me and my great ideas! When she called me from Washington she told me that she had a moment with Vicki. When I told her I wanted to have a dinner for her she said, “Great, who are you inviting?” I told her everyone and she told me, “It will be nice for all of us to put our differences aside for the baby.” So when she called me back mad and said she didn’t want Vicki there I was bit shocked. Actually I thought I was going crazy, I knew I had told her I was inviting Vicki what had changed? Let’s just blame it on the damn hormones.

Let me get straight to the point! First off I NEVER said that Nina called Kelly a prostitute, those are Kelly’s words. How it got brought up at dinner is not clear to me, we were having such a great time.

What Kelly did was way out of line and downright crazy. Not only did she call Shannon a c*** and me a dumb f***, she called other people names as well. She told Meghan she didn’t know anything because she doesn’t have kids. I have learned that when Kelly is mad she will go off on everyone around her. When she went off on me I knew better than to fight with her, it was better for me to roll my eyes and sit back. I knew nothing good would come out of it. In the past I probably would have jumped over the table.

Heather had every right to walk out and get upset.

There is a big part of me that feels bad for Kelly. I am really trying to give her a break and not be judgmental. When people act like that it usually is because they are in some kind of pain. At that point in our friendship I was trying to figure out what was going on with her and being compassionate. More to come with my “let’s figure Kelly out” journey.

This week’s episode I met with Heather at the storybook place to recap on the sushi dinner. I knew she left very upset and I wanted to see how she was doing. I was planning a birthday party for Eddie at Glamis Dunes and we both had concerns about Kelly attending. All our children would be going and we didn’t want one of Kelly’s outbursts to happen in front of the kids. I knew I had to have a talk with Kelly before the trip. I had not formally invited anyone yet, but had mentioned it in conversation.

I thought Meghan was very direct with Kelly when she came over, that’s a true a friend that will tell you like it is. It’s not always that easy to tell someone, “You acted like an ***hole and I was embarrassed to be your friend”. Kelly took it pretty well and apologized, but then blamed it on being provoked by the women at the sushi restaurant. I did not see anyone provoke Kelly?

Watching Vicki and Kelly at the spa reminded me of two girls in middle school. Vicki knew Shannon would not attend her birthday party in Palm Desert. It was more like a prank call a twelve year old would make then hang up and start laughing. She knew Shannon was having a party and she was not invited so she was going one up her. Childish!

Dinner with Kelly and Vicki was more like a Shannon bashing session. I really do believe that these two bring out the worst in each other. I nearly fell off my chair when I heard Kelly say that Vicki was the Buddha of Orange County and she wants her to teach her social grace and etiquette. I’m going to stop myself right here because nothing good is about to come out of my mouth. But I just can’t, after hearing Vicki tell the waitress that Kelly likes hot things because she’s Mexican…really? I don’t think they teach that in etiquette school.

I had a feeling that David had something up his sleeve. I had heard that the girls were coming to the surprise party and I thought to myself, hmmm…why would the girls be coming? Then hearing the venue was the same place they got married, I just knew it.

Shannon has gone through so much in the past two years and they have been working so hard at getting the relationship back on track. What David did was the most thoughtful, loving thing he could have ever done for Shannon and the girls.

Nice to see that bikini wax didn’t go to waste.

The big SURPRISE behind the curtain…”Are you kidding me?” Shannon’s response to all her friends cracked me up.

The wedding was beautiful and brought tears to everyone eyes.

The best line of the night was “I should have worn a better dress.” Shannon you looked beautiful

I never thought I would see the day where Tamra was the level headed friend but between Vicki and Kelly this season that seems to be Tamra’s new role!

What are your thoughts on Tamra’s blog?

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