Dolores Catania Is Spilling Secrets….On Her Butt Surgery??

Image Source: Google

Image Source: Google

Dolores Catania is one of the new girls on the NJ block. So far we’ve seen her attempt to be financially independent and have got to meet her cute family; however other than that we don’t know too much about her. So what is one of the brunette beauty’s secrets that she’s hiding (well at least until now?) Dolores recently underwent some cosmetic surgery – and no we’re not talking routine botox!

Dolores recently revealed that she is recovering from the new (and popular) cosmetic procedure known as the ‘Brazilian butt lift.’ Butts seem to be the new boobs and everyone from Khloe K. to Blac Chyna have been rumored to have this surgery. Dolores went through surgery in June and recently spilled what prompted her to go through with this controversial procedure:

“What prompted me was being in the fitness world. I understand there are certain areas on your body that will not change no matter how much you work out. So having said that, I knew I needed help with my butt. Yes, with five hours a day working out my butt it could have improved, but that slight improvement would have not been worth the time for me nor the full improvement I wanted to see.”

The surgery typically includes liposuction in areas such as the stomach, hip and back. The fat is then deposited in the rear to give it a fuller and perkier appearance.

Dolores admits that this surgery was not all fun and games as it was a “few days of discomfort and bed rest.”

Despite the pain Dolores is happy with the results and says it is well worth it adding: “Sitting afterwards kind of felt like I had two bricks in my butt, but would do it all again tomorrow.”

I kinda feel that the butt implant surgery is a fad made popular by Kim K. and don’t know if it will last forever. With that said, I’m all for doing what it takes to make you feel better about yourself; however I’m more of a run and squat girl than the surgery type.

Do you think it’s odd that Dolores owns a gym but also promotes cosmetic surgery? Would you get the Brazilian butt lift procedure?

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