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RHONJ Recap: Swimming With The Gefilte Fishes!


Tonight’s all new Real Housewives of New Jersey picks up with the fallout of Jacqueline and Teresa’s crazy blowout last week. During this evening’s episode, more than one friendship is tested….and it’s every Housewife for themselves.

Again tonight’s episode of RHONJ had some juicy parts but as a whole, it was another week of fluff. I’m over the fluff and boring storylines. Let’s focus less on family, kids, pets and get the ladies together to start some drama.

Melissa Confronts Jacqueline

Following Jacqueline’s blowout with Teresa, Melissa is dragged into the drama and isn’t very happy about it. Melissa is pissed that Jacqueline pulled her and her husband into Jac’s drama with Teresa.

Melissa and Jacqueline meet for lunch to hash things out, and things get ugly. Melissa tells Jac she’s “fucking pissed” and insists that Joe never told Teresa not to trust her. She also tells Jac she no right calling Joe, and should have called her directly.

Jacqueline brushes off Melissa’s feelings and said she had every right to go to Joe directly. Then Jacqueline goes off on a finger-wagging tangent yelling at Melissa about all the things she’s done to bring the Giudice’s and Gorga’s together.

Melissa and Jacqueline agreed to “never discuss” Teresa even though neither liked the arrangement. However, Jacqueline still had to take a few digs at Teresa and called her “a con artist” in her confessional.

Teresa’s Guide To Being A Single Mom

Teresa’s fight with Jacqueline was least of her worries as she prepares to be a single mom. The tension in the Giudice house is at an all time high as the family prepares for Joe’s departure to prison. After Joe cuts off Teresa’s ankle monitor the two quickly celebrate her having true freedom but their cheerful moment is cut short as Teresa announces they are having a family meeting to set things right in their home.

During the meeting, Teresa tells her four girls to write out their issues with each other and their parents. Milania complains that Gia and Joe call her fat and that Teresa is always on her phone. Teresa is saddened to hear that her kids done think she pays enough attention to them but explains that she’s working so she can provide for them.

The family did have some fun when they celebrated Milania’s tenth birthday at an indoor skydiving park. While the party isn’t as glamorous as her previous parties, Milania, and her family seemed to have a very good time. Things did get sad when Milania talked with her parents about her next birthday noting that her dad wouldn’t be there. Joe going away is obviously a difficult topic for all of them.

Siggy and Dolores Change It Up

Siggy and Dolores’ storylines are so weak and blah. I think they are great editions to the cast, but so far Bravo failed with giving them good storylines to draw fans in. I adore both of them and am hoping their storylines get better.

Dolores’ dog continues to get sicker and sicker, while her house is torn apart but her ex-husband who’s remodeling it for her. Frank her ex-has failed to listen to all her wants and is doing his own thing which Dolores must fix.

Meanwhile, Siggy is still harping about her kid’s cell phones while she celebrates Kiddish with her family.

Ashlee’s Getting Engaged

Despite her issues with Teresa, Jacqueline is thrilled to hear that her daughter Ashlee’s boyfriend is planning on proposing and wants Jacqueline to help pick out the ring.

Side Note: Isn’t Ashlee is already pregnant in this episode? I thought she was preggo way before getting engaged? In this episode, the family completely hides it and acts as if she isn’t. Maybe I’m wrong?

Pete, Ashlee’s boyfriend, and Jacqueline head to NYC’s diamond district to pick out a ring. Pete is confident Ashlee is the one and wants her engagement ring to be perfect. Jacqueline is overcome with emotions; saying that Ashlee has truly come full circle.

Siggy, Dolores, and Melissa then decide that they need Teresa and Jacqueline to bury the hatchet, so they plan a spa weekend for the girls.

Although, Teresa calls Jacqueline “evil” she agrees to go to the girls weekend.

From the looks of it, the shit hits the fan next week, and Jacqueline gets super drunk and crazy. Can’t wait 😉

Thoughts on tonight’s episode? Sound off below!


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