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WWHL Recap: Teresa Giudice And Sonja Morgan Spill All The Tea!

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It was a double dose of Real Housewives fun on Sunday’s season finale of Watch What Happens Live! as Teresa Giudice and Sonja Morgan stopped by the clubhouse to visit Andy Cohen. Both Teresa and Sonja spilled some major tea about their respective franchises and left fans salivating for more!

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Sonja in the City

Sonja, who looked fabulous, revealed her feelings about Tom to Andy, “I’m still mad at Tom. He was my friend; I’m entitled to be able to be mad at him. We’ve known each other for ten years; we’re good friends. He’s not fessing up to the full truth.”

Keeping up with the Tom theme, a caller then asked Sonja why it was okay for Ramona to date Tom but not LuAnn.“Ramona didn’t know that I was seeing Tom. As I was saying, we were adults doing what adults do when we’re in between boyfriends, girlfriends, marriages. She had no idea,” Sonja explains making it known she stopped seeing Tom once she knew Ramona was interested in him.

However, Sonja wasn’t happy that Ramona kept clarifying that she NEVER slept with Tom and kept trying to get her worked up about Tom, saying “She’s always stirring the pot. She was brought up that way – that’s she’s uncomfortable when she’s comfortable. She likes everyone to be uncomfortable.”

As for her current dating life, Sonja says she is dating older men and admits that her vaginal rejuvenation hasn’t gotten a lot of attention.

“Well, I got the thing resurfaced, and now it’s not getting too much action since I stopped seeing younger guys. When you date guys your age the three date rule goes out the window. You don’t move so fast with guys your age. I have a reputation to maintain,” Sonja reveals.

Sonja then digs into her drama with Bethenny Frankel over her Tipsy Girl restaurant and Sonja says it’s water under the bridge.

“I think Bethenny realized it was more of an emotional response between two friends and she felt blindsided and I hadn’t seen her all summer. We’re cool now. She’s very supportive of me.”

Finally, Sonja promises that she’s happy for LuAnn and Tom, and wants them to be happy together.

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Teresa turns the tables! 

Teresa reveals that Jacqueline’s claims about her bankruptcy and calling her brother set her off during their get together.

“You don’t say stuff like that. First off you invite me to your home, and then you say something like that. I was disappointed.”

Teresa then explains why she refers to prison as camp and takes on claims that she doesn’t own that she was in prison.

“That’s where I was. It was called Danbury Prison Camp. So, I don’t like the word prison, cuz really where I was, I wasn’t in a cell. There were no bars. I wasn’t caged in. It really looked like a camp.”

As for claims she’s not owning she did prison time Teresa fights back saying, “Look, I was away from my kids for eleven and a half months so nobody should even ask me that.”

A caller then asked why Teresa walked out of her Access Hollywood Live interview, and Teresa says, “There’re ways to ask questions, and I just didn’t like the way she was poking.”

Andy then chimes in saying “but I’ve asked you that question,” to which Teresa replied with “But I love YOU.”

Teresa also reveals that she and Joe did, in fact, save their home, thanks to her and Joe both working.

Another caller wanted to know why Teresa is mad at Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri, especially since Rosie been there for Joe.

“Well, you only saw what they showed on the cameras. So, let’s just leave it at that. They’re my family, so I don’t want to talk about them.”

When Andy asked about Kim D and Kim G, Teresa gives the biggest eye roll saying, “don’t even mention that second one to me. She’s a nasty woman. The things she put out on Twitter – who wants to deal with somebody like that? But Kim D, I haven’t really seen her.”

Andy fit in a lot of Housewives topics in such a short time it almost made my head spin. I know Kim D makes an appearance or two during season 7, but I’m curious if Kim G will rear her ugly head.

Thought on Sonja and Teresa’s WWHL appearance? Has Teresa owned going to prison? Is Sonja really happy for Tom and LuAnn? Discuss the episode below!

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