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RHONJ Recap: Dinner Interrupted

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The Olympics are finally over, and now Bravo can return to their regularly scheduled programming which means lots and lots of Real Housewives drama. THANK GOD!!

So in celebration of the Housewives returning pop the bubbly and settle in for some Jersey-sized drama during tonight’s all new episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey!

To be honest, this episode of RHONJ had a lot of filler, so I’m cutting out the boring stuff.

What goes up must come down, and in the case of Teresa Giudice’s friendship with Jac Laurita, it crumbled faster than we all hoped it would!

Before Jacqueline and Teresa’s relationship imploded yet again, Teresa was able to mend her relationship with her sister-in-law Melissa Gorga.

Melissa invited Teresa and her daughter Milania to NYC to watch the Gorga kids walk at New York Fashion Week in hopes of moving forward with mending their friendship.

“I’ll feel like we’re super close when I can start telling her I don’t agree with everything she says,” Melissa explained to her hubby Joe Gorga, who urged her be honest and straight up with Teresa all the time.

The fashion show went off great, and the Gorga kids killed it on the runway. Melissa and Joe were thrilled to see Teresa and Milania support the kids, and the family went out for a nice dinner after. During the dinner, the family laughed and acted like a typical family. Melissa revealed that this time she and Teresa aren’t having a surface level reconciliation and are both going out of their way to support each other.

Now on to the good stuff!

Jacqueline and Chris invited Teresa and Joe over for dinner, and both Housewives told their husbands they just wanted to have a good time tonight. Well, the fun lasted for about 5 minutes. Jacqueline’s kids CJ and Nick came down to say hi to the Giudice’s. Jac was pleasantly surprised to see how good Teresa was with Nick. The husbands then peeled off and went to hang at the bar, which is when things got ugly between Jacqueline and Teresa.

It all started when Teresa said she wanted to “keep any toxic people away,” to which Jacqueline nodded. Teresa then referred to 2011 when Melissa, Caroline, and Jacqueline had ganged up on her. This caused Jacqueline freak out saying she only asked Teresa about tabloid magazine stories saying she was going to jail; she then accused Teresa of lying because they clearly were true. Teresa defends herself saying she felt ambushed and that at the time she didn’t know she was going to jail, so she wasn’t lying!

Jacqueline then takes more shots at Teresa in her confessional saying “She had not changed. You had all this time to sit in a fucking cell and think – you’re still sitting her playing the victim!”

Teresa went on to say there’s a disconnect between them and that her REAL friends knew what was going on at the time. Then Teresa says that her brother Joe told her not to trust Jacqueline. Jacqueline claimed Joe told her the same thing about Teresa and didn’t believe that Joe would say that about her so she grabbed her cell phone and called Joe! Is she a psycho or what?

Joe Gorga was blindsided by the phone call and claimed he probably said not to trust anyone and admitted he was in a bad place with Teresa when he said anything.

Teresa then said she NEVER asked Jacqueline about personal life, which caused Jacqueline to have a melt down and scream, “You put it in a tabloid!”

Teresa then argued that it no one’s business if she got paid for sharing a story to a tabloid and accused Jacqueline of doing the same.

Things didn’t end there, Teresa then called Jac out for her legal issues saying, “You were going through legal issues! I never asked you a question!”

Jacqueline, in full crazy mode, screamed back “Mine was not a criminal case. We didn’t file fraudulent bankruptcy like you did!”

At this point, Teresa is done and calls Jacqueline’s last statement a low blow, as she summoned Joe to leave. Chris and Joe were bummed to have to break up their bonding session and weren’t happy their wives fighting had ruined a great night.

Jacqueline then put all the blame on Teresa saying she can’t own up to the past, while Teresa says she owned her mistakes and did her time. Jacqueline even went to claim that Teresa blamed her brother and sister in law for her legal issues, which Teresa denies.

Teresa and Jacqueline both attempted to explain their fight to their husbands who seemed very confused by the whole thing.

Joe got angrier and angrier as Teresa described the fight more, and decided by the time they got home that Teresa was in the right; calling Jacqueline a “bitch” and telling Teresa to “forget about it.”

This episode was INSANE! I wanted to reach into the TV and smack Jacqueline! I swear that woman is so vile sometimes. And honestly I never disliked her 100%, but now I’m so over her. Jacqueline kept taking shot after shot at Teresa; hurling one insult after the other at her then tried to make Teresa look like the crazy one! Then when Jacqueline called Joe Gorga, I thought that was so out of line. It’s clear Jacqueline wants to tear Melissa, Joe, and Teresa apart.

Thoughts on tonight’s episode of RHONJ? Did Jacqueline hit below the belt? Has Teresa owned up to her past? Was Jacqueline out of line for calling Joe Gorga? Sound off below!

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