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Brandi Glanville Claims RHOBH Producers Pressured Her To Create Drama And Threatened Not To Pay Her If She Didn’t!

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It’s clear there’s no love lost between Brandi Glanville and the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. But try as she might the former Real Housewife can’t stop taking digs at the show that made her famous no matter how hard she tries.

During a recent appearance on the podcast Andy’s Girls, Brandi gives fans the scoop on the behind the scenes of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills including casting, production, and filming.

In typical Brandi fashion, she has a lot to say about RHOBH, so we’re splitting this interview into two parts.

“I can’t really rip Bravo apart,” Brandi say before she proceeds to spend the entire podcast bashing Bravo and RHOBH.

Brandi starts off by comparing her new reality show Famously Single to RHOBH, which she says is no comparison since once helps you better yourself while the other tears you down.

“We were there to work on ourselves not to have drama. The drama did ensue, but it wasn’t like OK we’re all thinking of reasons to fight with one and another, and I think that sometimes on Housewives, not that the producers, the women worry about the show, and we try to figure out reasons to fight. On this show, that wasn’t the case. It was raw; it was very edgy… there was no glitz and glamour.”

As for RHOBH, Brandi reveals that after watching the show UnReal she has a whole new opinion of the RHOBH producers and the role they play in the drama.

“These producers are all freelance, if they don’t have an interesting show, they don’t have a job. It’s a really fast rotating door of producers. You very rarely have the same one each season, so it’s like this person’s coming to make a splash, then leaving. You think they’re your best friend – you really do – so now I’m wondering all these decisions back… which ones were actually my friends and who told me what on purpose… It’s definitely a mind F,” Brandi explains.

According to Brandi she “definitely felt” the pressure to bring the drama saying, “Not in the beginning because it was so easy because the women all were horrible to me so for me it was very natural – the fighting.”

“It’s easy when people are coming for you, but when everyone makes friends and is getting along, I think, we all get scared for our jobs or for the show. And whether we do it to ourselves… it happens.”

Being fired from RHOBH gave Brandi a lot perspective and proved to her “really needed” a break from the show.

“I think [Bravo] recognized that I needed that time off because I was mentally drained,” she explains.

Brandi says she knew she needed a break after the season 5 reunion. Brandi threatened to skip the reunion but couldn’t after producers promised to withhold her paycheck if she didn’t show. Brandi went but her plan, which backfired, was to be “real quiet and uninteresting so that I can get my check. They obviously know I can’t do that.”

However, Brandi feels she got her redemption during the season 6 reunion. “I got everything off my chest, and I got paid – so I was excited! We shot for hours – they only used like 3 minutes of it!”

“I wanted to have a say, but I didn’t want to sit and have the women come at me, and it be a firing squad. I told Kim not to go as well, but she didn’t listen,” says Brandi reveals. “I just felt like it’s such an easy way for them to go back and attack us when they should be going at each other.”

Even confirming her BFF Yolanda Hadid equally hated the season 6 reunion calling it “hell.”

For more RHOBH dirt check back tomorrow for part two of Brandi’s interview with Andy’s Girls.

Thoughts on Brandi’s interview? Do you think RHOBH producers pressure the wives to create drama? Did Brandi get redemption during the season 6 reunion?

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