Kelly Dodd Confirms She Has No Remorse For What She Said About David’s Affair!

Image Source: Bravo

Image Source: Bravo

Kelly Dodd has been a controversial addition to the housewives series both on and off camera. While off camera reports of her legal issues and past have surfaced, on camera she seems to have come on guns blazing. So does the newest OC housewife regret some of the nasty thing she has said? Apparently not!

Speaking with Bravo’s The Daily Dish Kelly states:

“I don’t regret saying that, because I see the way she is and the way she behaves and the way she holds onto grudges. Her husband obviously cheated on her for a reason, and she has to own it. I meant it.”

Yikes! It’s one thing to say something when you are seeing red or have been guzzling wine all night, but to say that David cheated on Shannon for a reason in an interview is beyond harsh. I’m shocked she had the nerve to confirm she meant what she said!

Kelly continued:

“Well, of course, I mean, I hit a soft spot, I hit a trigger point, and she came out ablazing. I felt like I was getting poked at, and I came ablazing.”

Kelly still feels that Shannon invited her friends to set her up and expressed why she had such a strong reaction to Shannon saying:

“It just felt like she was manipulating everything and making herself look better and feel better and me look like a piece of crap. So was I mad? Yes.”

“I don’t really understand why she did it. She did it, and it was blatantly clear that she set me up, and everybody would agree that she did,”

Kelly has admitted on the show that she has anger issues (I think that’s putting it mildly considering her restraining order past) and I don’t know if joining a reality show was the best idea. Sure, she makes great TV with her outbursts but she has come off nasty and this interview didn’t do her any favors in my opinion.

Do you think that Shannon set Kelly up? What do you think of Kelly saying she meant what she said about David’s affair??

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