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Shannon Beador Insinuates Kelly Dodd Has A Drinking Problem; Claims She Would NEVER Ambush Or Set Up Anyone!

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Shannon Beador is getting her side of the story out there. After a week of Kelly Dodd and her Real Housewives of Orange County co-stars questioning whether she set Kelly up, Shannon takes to her Bravo blog to set the record straight.

Following the party from hell, Shannon makes it clear that she doesn’t have time to set anyone up nor would she ever provoke an ambush on someone she hardly knows. However, Shannon does imply that perhaps Kelly’s love of drinking has clouded her judgment and memory. If so Shannon’s happy to remind Kelly of her horrible antics.

In her blog this week, Shannon breaks down the 70s party and her tense lunch with Kelly.

Let’s just dive into the blow by blow analysis of the ’70s party.

First, David and I are both not happy with how our emotions escalated at the party. It is not in our character to react they way we both did. It is unbelievable that Kelly thinks that I would orchestrate an ambush at a party I was hosting. I tell the truth. I have not lied at all with this group of women since I met them, and I’m certainly not going to start now. I’m not looking for any dark secrets or any stories about Kelly. I have only met her four times and would never do such a thing. I did not set Kelly up and the idea is preposterous.

David was absolutely provoked by Vicki. You can see how she walks around the table to come inches from his face. It is insane to hear Vicki say she didn’t have a problem with my husband. Vicki absolutely had a “beef” with David before the ’70s party. She has had a “beef” with the both of us for the last year and a half. David is not proud of the words he used when arguing with Vicki, but it was quite ridiculous for Vicki to insinuate that I was manufacturing drama—that is what she did last year.
I haven’t been seeing Dr. Moon as much as I used to which is actually a good thing because I have been healthy. But when he told me about his new cupping technique, I had to try it. He adds a twist to traditional cupping by using a micro needle to make small holes on the skin under each cup. After a few treatments, the toxins, which under normal circumstances cannot fit through pores, can now actually come through the skin. I love the concept. I felt great after the treatments!

I wasn’t happy to meet up with Kelly and you can absolutely tell that from my demeanor. I didn’t expect for her to grill me about my friendship with Jaci, and she just BAM started in with it. I wasn’t there to be cross examined. Heather and I live in the same community with Jaci and while I see her around the neighborhood often, Jaci recently helped us both with an HOA issue. I don’t count how many times I see or talk to Jaci. Bottom line, I didn’t know Jaci and Kelly knew each other. I’m not going to keep addressing it because I know the truth. And if Kelly didn’t want her husband to “feel uncomfortable” with talk about a trip she took with another man, she shouldn’t have brought it up to Jaci. Kelly doesn’t know me. She has met me just a few times. And now she knows for certain that I “set her up”??? She knows nothing about who I am.
Kelly insulted many of my guests. Such horrendous judgment. Kelly’s mouth is mind boggling. She is so cruel.

And just an observation—at the end of our brief meeting, take note that the wine bottle Kelly was served was completely empty.

Until next week. And if you can fathom it, it goes even further. It is truly unbelievable.

I don’t buy that Shannon set Kelly up. I just don’t think Shannon has it in her to do something like that. While Shannon’s friend was out of line, Kelly also had one too many drinks and overreacted to the whole thing. Drinking leads to drama 99% of the time, remember that Kelly. I want to like Kelly, but something about her is off. I need more time to get to know her on the show but as of now, she’s crazy!

Thoughts on Shannon’s blog? Do you believe Shannon ambushed Kelly? Could Kelly have a drinking problem? Are you Team Kelly or Team Shannon?

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