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RHONJ Recap: A Life To Envy!

the real housewives
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Pop the bubbly and settle in for some Jersey-sized drama during tonight’s all new episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey!

Tonight’s episode of RHONJ was a bit of a yawn, but there were some catty moments thrown into the mix. Let’s dig into this evening’s episode and see what drama we can uncover.

the real housewives
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Joe Gorga Is Green With Envy 

Joe Gorga may be an old school Italian, but he needs to change his ways. At first, Joe was a whiney little bitch about Melissa working and him being home with the kids. Oh poor baby, learn to balance as Melissa is. But in a woman hear me roar moment, Melissa told Joe to “man up,” stop insulting her, and take care of the kids like he promised.

Joe was taken aback by Melissa but put his tail between his legs and did his daddy duties. While “the queen” may not want her old job back, at least not full-time I think Mr. Mom Joe Gorga can handle things just fine.

the real housewives
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Teresa Giudice Turns The Tables 

Meanwhile, Teresa started making plans to earn money while Joe is away in prison, which was steadily approaching. Teresa kicked off her plan by writing and recording her memoir Turning the Tables. During the recording session, Teresa broke down in tears several times when talking about her youngest daughter Audrianna. Tre feared that Audriana would forget her or wouldn’t recognize her anymore while she was in prison.

Where are the tissues? Please pass me one…or a dozen.


the real housewives
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Siggy Flicker Gets Real With Teresa

Earlier in the episode, Teresa opened up to her lawyer about the rumors that Joe had cheated on her which she shut down and called nonsense.

Well, it turns out relationship guru Siggy Flicker was curious about the rumors as well and decided that she wanted to talk with Teresa about them. Jacqueline told Siggy it was big no, no and advised her to avoid the subject with Teresa but Siggy’s mind was made up.

When Siggy and Teresa met up, Siggy broached the subject with Teresa, who surprisingly didn’t flip out on her. Tre shrugged it off, while Siggy offered her help if ever needed.

the real housewives
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Chris And Jacqueline Laurita Bet Big

The Laurita’s who have fallen on hard times, like many, are trying another get rich quick scheme with their latest business venture – popcorn, yes you read that right, popcorn. A million dollar idea, if you were Orville Redenbacher 50 years ago.

Now the couple, who has moved on from BLK Water, is putting everything into Little Kernal popcorn, which Chris believes will be a HUGE success within 24-months.

Chris and Jac are struggling a lot; they need to sell their mega mansion but haven’t yet and are in desperate need of cash flow. Hopefully, they can turn things around for their family, especially Nick.

While I’m all for the entrepreneurial spirit, why doesn’t Jac get a job? She can do hair and makeup, right? Or is she too pretty to work? And what about Ashlee hopefully she’s not living home for free.

The one good thing about Little Kernel is that Chris wants to use proceeds to give back to the Autism community, which I totally support!

the real housewives
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 A Party To ENVY!

Despite Joe Gorga’s hesitation, he happily and proudly supported Melissa at her grand opening for Envy.

All the Housewives were there to toast Melissa including, Kathy and Victoria Wakile, Rosie Pierri, Ashlee Holmes and Gia Giudice.

Ashlee, who talked shit to her mom about Teresa, says she doesn’t believe Teresa is a REAL friend and claims Teresa hasn’t changed.

SHUT UP Ashlee! Teresa 2.0 is way better than Ashlee 5.0 could ever be. Go have more plastic surgery! Honestly, the plastic surgery may have made you prettier, but your heart is still ugly!

Not surprising Ashlee gives Teresa and Gia huge hugs when she runs into them and acts like she’s soooo happy to see them. Ugh, could she be any faker?

Moving on…Chris asks Teresa where Joe is, and Teresa explains he’s at his grandmother’s birthday party. Chris reveals he missed Joe and was hoping to see him. Teresa is hesitant to make plans with Chris and Jac, so she just smiles politely instead.

Joe then gives a toast to Melissa (and the store) saying Mel is “the best wife a man could have.” It was fabulous to see all of Melissa’s hard work pay off!

the real housewives
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Namaste Bitches

After the party, Teresa tries to rope Joe into doing yoga with her but instead they wind up having a frank conversation about the cheating rumors. Teresa tells Joe, there’s no forgiving if he cheats, Joe shockingly says he understands her.

Joe then receives a phone call from Chris who invites the Giudice’s over for dinner…which will lead to an EPIC RHONJ brawl next week.

Buckle up the drama is coming!

the real housewives
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Thoughts on this week’s episode of RHONJ? Sound off below!

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