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RHONJ Preview: Joe Gorga Struggles With Dad Duty

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Happy wife happy life, right? Well, that’s not the case for Joe Gorga who’s been left at home to take care of the kids while his wife Melissa Gorga builds her clothing boutique, Envy. Mr. Mom gets stressed out as he’s forced to balance the demands of his job and his kids.

In a clip from Sunday’s, all-new episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, the three Gorga kids, Antonia, Joey, and Gino are causing mayhem as Joe attempts to work on one of his multi-million dollar construction jobs.

As his children run amuck, Joe gets angry and calls Melissa demanding she come home. “You gotta come home,” Joe says on the phone. “I have a problem at one of my jobs.”

Melissa instantaneously nixes the demand, telling him “I’m at the store. I cannot come home.” When Joe tells Melissa she HAS to come home; she fights back saying,“Whoa, whoa, whoa. You told me that you were going to hang with the kids.”

Joe whines back, “I can’t stay. I got a multimillion-dollar project going on. You got a bunch of clothes! You’re dealing with clothes! C’mon babe. This wasn’t our deal. Our deal was I get married to you, and you watch the kids. I gotta work.”

Melissa tells Joe to “man up” while making it clear his comments are a “little insulting,” as she hangs up on him.

While Joe does look to man up he’s left to deal with even more chaos as his sons are dragging mud throughout the house and his daughter is washing the family dog in the kitchen sink and the Pomeranian is spraying water everywhere!

Check out the full clip from below!

Oh, how the tables have turned! They don’t call motherhood the hardest job ever for nothing. It’s great to see Joe having to deal with the demands of his kids and balancing that with every other demand. Surprisingly he didn’t call his mom or sister Teresa as backup to watch the kids, instead he did it himself.

Do you think Joe needed to “man up?” Were Joe’s comments to Melissa “a little insulting?” Was Melissa right for not running home to relieve Joe?

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