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All The Details On Michael Wainstein’s Mistress!

Image Source: Bravo
Image Source: Bravo

And the Housewives divorce curse continues!

We’ve known that Jules and Michael Wainstein were heading to divorce; however now new details of Michael’s mistress are popping up.

The Daily News is reporting that Michael’s mistress is a mini Jules (looks very similar to her just more “Michael size”.)

Jules has been officially served with divorce papers and if you thought it was ugly before you’ll be shocked to know it’s just getting started! The name of Michael’s lover is Elyse Bensusan, and she has some shady/outspoken relatives who gave the following statement to The Daily Mail:

‘The truth is that Jules was having difficulties with this man way before it had anything to do with Elyse.’

‘I don’t want to say anything that will hurt either one of them because Jules needs help. She needs to get it together and find out what went wrong with her marriage before dragging other people into this.

‘It’s really easy to blame someone else instead of looking in the mirror and handling your own business.’

This relative also threw serious shade at Jules insulting her intelligence and basically insinuated Michael left Jules for being an immature mess:

‘Elyse is a very smart person. She’s a member of Mensa. ‘She’s got her own business. She’s a psychologist. She has a life unlike Jules who just seems to want to be in the spotlight.’

‘She’s not of the same caliber as Jules. She’s a very smart girl. I’d pit her against Jules any day.’

Yikes – those are some pretty condescending statements! If I were Jules I would not only be furious for the affair but also at the relatives who are making her sound like a moron!

It’s also safe to say that Michael has a type as Elyse is a dark haired beauty who has similar facial features to Jules:

Image Source: Daily Mail
Image Source: Daily Mail

Michael first met Elyse when he and Jules visited a club owned by Elyse’s husband, Tsion Bensusan. In case you are wondering, Elyse did not have an affair on her part. Elyse and her husband had separated by the time she started seeing Michael.

Some details are still fuzzy, such as when they got together; however it is reported they started texting in January. It also was first reported that Michael was having an affair with a friend of Jules; however now reports are stating that she and Jules were never friends. What is apparent is that these two plan to move quickly as The Daily Mail caught them shopping at Home Goods (possibly to furnish a new apartment together??)

Image Source: The Daily Mail
Image Source: The Daily Mail
Image Source: The Daily Mail
Image Source: The Daily Mail

The new lovebirds will need a good size apartments as in addition to Michael’s two children, Elyse has two daughters of her own.

As of now, Jules has not released an official statement on the Elyse/Michael mess and seems to be laying low. She has been thanking fans on Twitter for their kind words and posted the following photo on her Instagram page attempting to be positive:

Image Source: Instagram - Jules Wainstein
Image Source: Instagram – Jules Wainstein

I’m sure Jules will reveal more at the RHONY reunion and as Elyse has some noisy relatives I’m sure we will hear more. Although there are two sides to every story I do feel for Jules as she has been through a lot and really does seem naïve. I hope she has a good support team surrounding her.

What are your thoughts on the photos and statements from Elyse’s relative? Do you think Jules is better off without Michael?

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