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GG Gharachedaghi Reveals She Drank a Bottle of Vodka In the Morning to Deal with RA Pain!

Image Source: Bravo
Image Source: Bravo

We’ve seen GG on a downward spiral for awhile; however until now she has seemed to be in denial about her condition. Opening up to People magazine GG reveals just how bad it got and how the pain made her turn to alcohol to forget.

GG explains that although she looks completely normal, she is far from your average woman in her 30’s saying:

“I can’t lift things the way a 35-year-old should be lifting things. I can’t hold my phone for long periods of times without my hands going numb or shaking. I can’t sit in the car for too long.”

“You’re tired all the time. It doesn’t matter how much you sleep – you’re always tired.”

GG admits that she was in denial about the disease at first as she had never heard of it. It was only until the pain was unmanageable and she realized that it wasn’t going away that she got scared and turned to alcohol to numb her mind and body:

“I turned to the bottle for pain and mental management. I was drinking a lot. And when I say ‘a lot,’ I mean I was literally waking up in the morning and downing a bottle of vodka … I just wanted to numb out.”

Yikes – that’s a very scary revelation! GG goes on to explain:

“I would just drink and drink until I couldn’t feel my body. Because you know, when we drink, it’s like we can do anything – we’re invincible. So I was dancing on tables and then I would wake up the next day and not be able to walk for the whole day. But those moments felt so good to me when I was in them that the following day didn’t matter. I just wanted to feel that numbness again.”

With the help of family and friends GG realized she needed help and no longer wanted to rely on alcohol for the mental and physical pain. She went to a treatment center which has helped her turn her lifestyle around:

“The spiritual retreat really changed me. You’re out in the wilderness, you just meditate from morning ’til night, you do spiritual counseling, you do a lot of self-work.”

“It’s all about cleansing the liver and the soul. I’m learning different ways of living. It’s a different lifestyle. It’s been an amazing transition for me.”

The Shahs start is currently on weekly chemo treatments to help deal with her RA pain and is grateful that her storyline has brought awareness to the disease:

“I should be grateful to these people. They gave more attention to RA! Now more people know what RA is, they’re Googling it. Like, wow, this disease that so many people have never heard of is now getting so much attention. That’s amazing.”

I respect GG being so honest in this interview. I’m sure it’s not easy for the Persian Princess to admit just how low she was; however she was refreshingly candid here. We wish GG the best and hope she continues to bring awareness to this disease!

What did you think of GG’s interview? Thoughts on how the cast has treated her storyline this season?

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