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Danielle Staub Slams Jac Laurita After She Claims Danielle Didn’t Make The Season 7 Cut For RHONJ!

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2009 is calling, and it wants it’s drama back! It seems that former Real Housewives of New Jersey co-stars and friends Danielle Staub and Jacqueline Laurita can’t let go of their past beef and move on. Years after their infamous falling out and feud the two are still taking shots at each other on social media.

Jacqueline called Danielle out on Twitter insinuating that she’s only talking smack about RHONJ because she’s bitter she didn’t make the season 7 cut during casting.

“Danielle interview for season 7 but wasn’t picked. Maybe season 8 she can try again. If she’s emotionally ready,” Jac tweeted.

Danielle then took to Instagram and shot back at Jacqueline saying,“When someone screen shots Wacky Jac and tags me in it…. When Jacqueline Laurita speaks, it’s like listening 100 people with the stomach virus all at once ….. Shit flying everywhere! Check your sources Jacko and spend a bit more time on mothering your young children rather than blasting on social media … Andy Cohen #rhonj Bravo! This sound familiar Jac … “You’ve been served.”

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This isn’t the first time Danielle has gone on the offensive against her former RHONJ co-star. Following the first episode of season 7 of RHONJ, Danielle went on an epic Instagram rant where she called out every cast member including Jacqueline.

“Jac has lost her mind completely from what I hear on social media. And wow pregnant out of wedlock daughter … Nice like mom like daughter. Now able to pay off the debt she and hubby owe from their own fraudulent living … Glorified by #rhonj,” Danielle wrote.

This is only the beginning….who would have thought that 2009 drama would be rearing it’s ugly head in 2016.

Do you believe that Danielle tried but didn’t make the cut for season 7? Thoughts on Danielle’s rebuttal? Are you Team Jac or Team Danielle?

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