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Dolores Catania Explains Why RHONJ Is A Little More ‘Real’ Than The Other Housewives Shows!

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Out of all of the housewives franchises, NJ seems to keep it the most ‘real.’ Maybe it’s because we’ve seen so many real life issues or because it involves family, the ladies of the garden state seem to differentiate themselves from the others.

Newbie Dolores Catania recently interviewed with and gave the scoop on why RHONJ is a little more real than the other shows saying:

“It’s very organic and it’s just very natural for me. You know everyone so well. I know their back stories and I know where they grow up. I know their parents, I know their cousins, I know the schools they went too, so not so much Jacqueline, but I also know her from her making her life here in New Jersey. So the easiest part for me was just being around everybody and we had so much fun and so many good times. Siggy and me are just together, like the chemistry and the dynamic, it’s hysterical for everyone. This is real life for us. I was by Jacqueline’s house yesterday, she had some books to sign for me, so I hung out there. I raided her refrigerator and her closet. Then, I left there and I went out to eat with Teresa. Then, I was on the phone with Siggy last night and was exhausted, so this is all real for us.”

The hardest part of being a housewife? Dolores assures us that we will see in good time:

“The hardest part was that there were some emotional times and there were some things that have happened that you’ll see. Because this is real, this isn’t fake. This isn’t some women sitting around, drinking a cup of tea and saying some snarky remarks. This is as real as it gets, so to see that and to see anyone I care about hurt or upset, it’s upsetting to me and that’s the hardest thing.”

On her friend for life Teresa, Dolores states she knows the true Tre and assures us she is doing just fine:

“Teresa, I always describe her as, she’s very tough. She’s a survivor and she just roles with the punches and she is handling it very well. I mean as long as she’s there with her children, that’s her strength. Her family is her strength, but I know that she misses [her husband] Joe tremendously. They’ve been together for 20 or so years now maybe, so that person becomes a part of you. That’s hard for her. I know she misses him being there and being there for her.”

What are your thoughts on Dolores so far? Do you think NJ is more organic than the other Housewives shows?

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