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WWHL: Jacqueline Laurita Calls Teresa Giudice’s Prison Letter Insincere And Says She Can’t Take Accountability For Her Crimes When She Doesn’t Understand!

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s resident crazy, Jacqueline Laurita, checked into the Watch What Happens Live clubhouse on Sunday night for some much-needed therapy with host and Housewives therapist Andy Cohen. During her session, Jacqueline opened up about a bevy of RHONJ topics including Teresa Giudice’s now infamous TV walk-off, her relationship with her sister-in-law Dina Manzo, and why she mocked Teresa’s attempt to make peace with her.

Teresa Walking off her Access Hollywood Live Interview

Jacqueline opens up on WWHL saying that she doesn’t think Teresa fully gets what she did wrong that landed her in jail.

“I don’t think she still fully understands it. It’s hard for her to get. But it’s hard for her take accountability when she doesn’t understand.”

Then Andy mentions that Jacqueline didn’t seem receptive to Teresa’s NYE call, Jacqueline defends herself saying, “At that time my guard was up. I hadn’t heard from her in so long and then the note. But it was when she said “oh do you always answer the phone on speaker?” She knows when you’re on a reality show you always put your phone on speaker. So I thought she was trying to throw me under the bus and that turned me off immediately and why my walls went up.”

On Teresa walking off her Access Hollywood Live interview, “I had mixed feelings on it because I think it’s a question she’s been asked many times and she’s answered many times. I’m not sure what set her off, maybe because of what Heather {Dubrow} said, and she didn’t want to talk about accountability or remorse. But I didn’t like how they (the Access Hollywood Live hosts) high-fived after I thought it was a little uncomfortable. I think she could have just answered it and said: “I don’t know.” But she’s probably hearing it a lot and is just done,” Jacqueline explained.

Jacqueline on her relationship with Dina Manzo

A caller inquired on the current state of Jacqueline’s relationship with Dina, the family reconciled almost two years ago following a major family feud but have rarely been seen together since.

“I saw her about two years ago, she came over for Thanksgiving, I saw her for Christmas, and we haven’t been in touch. Well actually she’s reached out to me not that long ago and were peaceful, but she lives in California now,” Jacqueline revealed.

On why she mocked Teresa’s attempt to make peace with her

Andy asks why Jacqueline seems to mock Teresa’s attempt to make peace and what she thought of Teresa’s letter.

“Teresa and I have a thirteen-year history together, so we have a roller-coaster relationship, where we left off when I left the show we had agreed to move forward in the friendship. When the cameras were off, she wanted nothing to do with me. She publicly said I’m not interested in the friendship; I don’t miss it. I moved on from them. So when she reached out to me two weeks before we started filming and two weeks before she got out of prison I took it not sincere. I was like this is for TV, I don’t feel like this is sincere, but we will see. I’m always open to our relationship if it’s genuine – I’m not interested in TV friends. So my wall was up.”

Was Teresa’s letter to Jacqueline insincere? Are you surprised Dina and Jacqueline haven’t seen each other in two years? Do you think Teresa wants to be real friends or TV friends with Jacqueline?

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