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Is Teresa Giudice Speaking to her Cousin Kathy Wakile?

Image Source: Bravo
Image Source: Bravo

With Teresa spending so much time apart from her family, fans were naturally wondering if time does heal all wounds. We know for a fact that she and Melissa are now in a good place; but what’s up with her and Kathy?

Kathy recently stopped by Amy Phillip’s podcast Reality Checked to discuss the new season and what’s going on behind the scenes. When asked about the relationship with her famous cousin, Kathy stated:

“Have I talked to them? Well, I’ve sent them texts. Yeah, I think I’ve gotten response from Melissa [Gorga]. I don’t think I’ve gotten any repsonse from Teresa.”

Interesting how the tables have turned (no pun intended!) When Melissa and Kathy first joined RHONJ they were a united front, hoping to bring Teresa down. We know that Melissa and Tre are in a great place now, so it now seems that Kathy is the only one on the outs.

On the preview for NJ we saw Teresa tell Kathy and Rosie that she “wants to cut the cancer out.” When asked by Amy what that meant, Kathy responded:

“You know what, I found it offensive and I had to stay focused of my mission for that lunch and it wasn’t to fight and she had been through so much and I wasn’t going to fight. I have a lot of cuts in my tongue [from] constantly biting it. So I just had to put that out there, how do you even say something like that to me? You know my father died of cancer. I have a daughter that has suffered two brain tumors. How do you talk like that to me? My daughter, thank God, she’s great [and] she’s fine; hers were benign. But how do you even talk like to me? How do you say that? So, it took a lot of restraint to just keep focus of what the mission was of that lunch and it was to try and smooth things out and try and be supportive, that’s all.”

Although Tre and Melissa are now in a great place, Kathy and Teresa have so much history between their families I don’t see them ever having a great relationship. Kathy was also reportedly very upset when she was demoted to a ‘friend’ status and was not included in the opening segment on RHONJ. I’m going to assume that she’s hoping to get some camera time by bringing attention to her relationship with Teresa as her main storyline.

What do you think of Kathy’s comments? Are you happy she is a ‘friend’ this season or do you think she has ran her course on the show?

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