#RHONJ Recap! A Very Hairy Christmas

Image Source: Bravo

Image Source: Bravo

Welcome back to the garden state! For anyone who is over the summer heat it’s Christmas in July on NJ tonight!

We’re starting out with Teresa’s release and her lawyer giving a press update to the media. James lets the press know that Tre wishes everyone a “Merry Christmas” and that the media should go home to be with their family #truth. Jacqueline is watching with Dolores and brings up (yet again) the note that Tre sent her. Jac seems to be totally overthinking this note and is dissecting it every which way. #LetItGo

Over to the Gorga’s home that is always impeccably decorated for Christmas. Both Joey and Melissa aren’t sure what to expect with the return of Tre. Melissa isn’t sure if it is going to be St. Teresa or another Gorga vs. Giudice fued. Melissa was hurt she wasn’t on the list to see Tre but isn’t taking it personal as she knows that her sister in law has been through a lot this past year.

At casa Giudice, Milania is learning that beauty is pain and is getting a tutorial in eyebrow waxing. I love seeing Tre with her girls and how all the NJ kids are so excited for Santa. Teresa confirms with Joey that she is coming over for Christmas Eve but tells her brother not to tell Papa Gorga what her curfew is (brother/sister moment.)

Teresa is saving money this year as People Magazine is paying for their annual Christmas photo. Teresa is honest, saying that the past year has been financially difficult as she couldn’t make any money in jail. She is feeling the pressure to make money as with Joe away she will be the sole breadwinner for four daughters.

We also get to see a heartwarming scene with Joey coming over to pick up his sister and gives her a big huge. The Gorgas are trying to avoid paparazzi as Teresa has an exclusive with People and she needs that money!

Over at the Gorgas, the initial interaction between Melissa and Tre is a bit awkward; however seeing Teresa hug her parents is truly heartwarming. The Christmas Eve spread looks beyond delicious and I am hoping for an invite to the table next year (hint hint.) We get some comic relief when Joe Giudice reveals that he doesn’t know if Christmas is the resurrection or birth of Christ (oh Joe – maybe you need to read the bible when you’re away!)

We get another awkward interaction with Melissa and Teresa as neither ladies wants to take the blame for their past issues. We get to hear an argument that has been rehashed 1,000 times on RHONJ (christening/stripper drama); however thankfully it’s resolves quickly and the ladies hug it out. The ladies decide that both of them did each other wrong and from here on out they aren’t going to let anyone else come between them.

We (finally) are getting an in depth look at Dolores and find out some details on her past. Her ex-husband cheated on her and refused to give up the affair despite Dolores said she would forgive him. I love how honest Dolores is and truly feel for her. Dolores was also engaged after her divorce but says it didn’t work out (leaving out exact details.) Dolores has the classic mom/wife mentally saying “I feel like I don’t exist unless I’m caring for someone else.” Hopefully Dolores can find herself and get her ‘groove’ back this season; men – start lining up!

Back with Teresa, the Giudices are having a classic teenage moment where Gia wants to go out for NYE but her parents want her to stay in. I remember having those arguments with my parents as I’m sure many others can as well. Teresa feels the tension between Gia and Joe and ultimately is trying to make both happy.

Speaking of daughters, Ashlee has moved back in with Jacqueline and we get a taste of a truly TMI conversation. Ashlee wants to move out so her and her boyfriend can have some ‘alone time.’ She also states that Jacqueline and Chris are too loud with their “alone time” – um, thanks for that! We will just leave it at that and move on.

Meanwhile, Melissa is having a girl power moment and is proudly showing off her new boutique to her children. Joey Gorga is apparently living in the 18th century and is upset that his wife is working. He is not happy with a ‘part time wife’ and totally embarrasses his wife in front of her employees. Joey complains he is growing boobs because he is feeling too feminine taking care of the kids. Joe – grow up and welcome to being a modern dad in 2016!

Tre and Dolores are having some girl time and getting their nails done, which Tre states she desperately needs. Dolores reveals it’s her birthday; however hates attention so didn’t tell anyone. Teresa begs to differ and insists on a little party which Dolores calls a ‘reunion dinner.’

It’s NYE 2015 in Jersey and we have two competing parties: Jacqueline and the Wakile’s vs. Teresa with everyone else. Dolores is playing Switzerland and is going to both parties. Teresa is still recovering from being away for a year and instead of cooking has Rino from season 6 cater her party. Jacqueline is offended that she wasn’t invited to Tre’s party; however to be fair I’m sure Teresa wanted a drama free New Years.

Jacqueline’s party seems incredibly depressing as there doesn’t seem to be a lot of “partying” going on and instead everyone is talking about Teresa and her party. Over at Teresa’s the food looks amazing and there seems to be more celebration going on than at Jacqueline’s. Gia is still hoping to go out for New Years; however Joe has strict rules and says she must be home by midnight. Teresa is being the typical mom trying to keep bother her daughter and husband happy. I felt for her as I’m sure she wanted Gia home but also understands a teenager wants to see her friends.

Dolores gets pulled into the Joe/Gia drama and feels for Gia as every Italian girl has to deal with a strict dad. Dolores revealed she had a curfew even when she was engaged (you and me both Dolores!) Dolores also adds that Teresa’s Achilles heel isn’t prison or the IRS but her children. I’m loving me some Dolores as she speaks the truth!

Teresa decides to extend an olive branch and calls Jacqueline. Richie is being an ass in the background and encourages Jac to tell Teresa her family was hanging out at the Lauritas instead of the Giudices. The conversation was awkward and I think Teresa was taken aback that her family was listening in the background. Jacqueline’s party continues to be a downer as everyone continues to talk about Teresa and there is no party atmosphere – seriously Jac turn on some music or something!

Dolores heads over to Jacqueline’s and as soon as Dolores gets in the door Jacqueline pulls her aside to dissect the Teresa conversation. My advice to Jacqueline as the hostess is to focus on her guests and not someone who isn’t even there. Dolores is neutral and states that Teresa is a true Italian and suppresses feelings while Jacqueline wants to talk everything out.

Midnight arrives and Gia is home in time to give her father a big hug. I love seeing the couples/kids/parents kiss – it’s a very sweet moment. Teresa ends the episode reflecting on the upcoming year saying emphasizing that their family is strong and they will get through it together. Perfect way to end a great episode!

What were your thoughts on tonight’s episode? Sound off in the comments below!

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