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AATRH Exclusive: Why Doesn’t Jacqueline Laurita Drive?!

After Tuesday’s social media battle with Ashlee Holmes I received an amazing amount of support, and a great amount of information about Ashlee, Jacqueline, and their family; I was honestly shocked with how many people were messaging me negative dirt on them! Of course AATRH wants to share all of the juicy scoop with you, however we would never go off of just a tip alone and I am looking into the validity of what we’ve found out; you will all be the first to know as soon as information is confirmed!

I was able to verify an interesting yet bizarre fact about Jacqueline, but unfortunatley details are sparse; Jacqueline does not drive, she refuses to. At one point in time we saw Jacqueline behind the wheel of a Range Rover talking on her blue tooth, but don’t expect to see that in season 7.

The reason for Jac giving up driving is actually fear, and a source revealed, “she’s scared.” When I pointed out that she used to drive and it’s even been on camera our insider dished, “yeah she used to, but now she’s afraid and she won’t.” We discussed a bit more and it’s unclear if Jac still has a license or not, but for now you can count on not seeing her behind the wheel!

After some more fact-checking another RHONJ source also confirmed that Jacqueline refuses to drive. “Yes, I know that Jacqueline doesn’t drive anymore but there are not many details known about her fears, all she says is that she’s afraid.

It’s safe to assume that the Laurita’s sold her car, why would they need it? Chris opened up about the families recent financial struggles, and if I wasn’t getting behind the wheel I’d certainly sell my car over my watches, wouldn’t you? I haven’t heard of Jacqueline being involved in any sort of car accident and I hope that is not the case, however if she did, her driving fear is somewhat understandable. At the same time, she’s a mother with kids and this is a life-changing fear; what if CJ needs a ride somewhere and no one else is around? I do recall watching her walk to Kathy’s house last season, and I think we can count on a lot more of that this season!

We’re hoping to hear more details about Jacqueline’s fear but for now trust us, you will NOT see her driving at all this season, or ever at this point!

Thoughts on Jacqueline being afraid to drive? Let’s Discuss!

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