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RHONJ Recap: Jingle Bells And Prison Cells aka Teresa’s Homecoming!!

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GUYS, IT’S FINALLY HERE!!! Season 7 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey has finally arrived! We’ve been waiting for this moment for almost two years! It just felt so good to have the Jersey Housewives back on our TV’s. I mean everyone needs a little Jersey in their life, right? Let’s break down the season 7 premiere episode; tissues are HIGHLY recommended.

Melissa Gorga

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No longer is Mrs. Melissa Gorga just a Housewife in the kitchen, she’s becoming an Independent Woman (throw your hands up at me) and starting her clothing boutique. We catch up with Joe and Melissa as they work on building her store. Oh and they’ve also moved back into their old house. Melissa and Joe make it clear things still aren’t peachy keen with Teresa, but they are hopeful that things will change once Teresa is home from prison. To keep their promise to Teresa, Melissa and Joe are spending more time than ever with Joe and Teresa’s parents; we even get to see Melissa and her father-in-law bond over planning Christmas Eve dinner at Gino’s football game. While Melissa is loving being an independent woman, Joe isn’t feeling the love so much and is desperate for Melissa to pay attention to him. Joe makes it clear he’s full of way too much poison, but Melissa doesn’t seem to care. However, Melissa and Joe are happy to hear that Teresa was approved to come to their house for Christmas Eve dinner. And Melissa is even more excited to get a letter from Teresa where Tre jokes about those infamous sprinkle cookies. Melissa still seems a little upset that she wasn’t able to visit Teresa in prison and wonders if they will ever be able to repair their relationship which she hopes they can.

Jacqueline Laurita

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Wacko Jacko is back, but she seems a little less wacko so perhaps the meds have kicked in? I kid, I kid. Jacqueline and Chris make their RHONJ return as they interact with their youngest son Nicholas, who has grown tremendously in his abilities to talk and interact. Nicholas tells his parents he loves them which is a sweet moment. It’s amazing to see how much Nicholas has improved and honestly hats off to Jac and Chris for working so hard to help their son. Despite being over the moon about Nicholas’ strides, they are honest about the financial struggles they’ve endured over the last few years. Nicholas’ treatments are expensive, and Chris closed his old business and started new, less successful ventures that are still growing. Shockingly Jac and Chris believe this will be their last Christmas in their Franklin Lakes home. In other news, Ashlee Holmes has moved back home and will grace us with her presence in a future episode. It looks as if Jac and Ashlee are in a good place and no longer fight with each other 24/7. The Laurita’s plan a Christmas party and invite the whole RHONJ cast. Jacqueline pulls Melissa Gorga aside reveals that she received a letter from Teresa. Jacqueline says she’s so confused by Teresa’s letter and doesn’t know what to make of it. Despite not being friends with Teresa and mocking her the entire episode Jacqueline admits she’s upset she wasn’t on the list to visit Teresa in prison, umm say what?!?! However, Jacqueline does say she’s happy for Teresa’s return and what it means to her family.

Siggy Flicker

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Siggy makes her RHONJ debut in a very dramatic fashion as she arrives to have lunch with Jacqueline and Dolores after having a facelift; she is covered in a babushka and looks like a crazy old Polish lady. Siggy seems like a ball of fun and has been friends with Jac for several years; we won’t hold that against her. It turns out Siggy is a matchmaker and is NOT Italian just to be clear.

Dolores Catania

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Dolores is a familiar background character from past seasons of RHONJ as she’s friends with practically the entire present and past cast. Dolores grew up with Teresa but has been friends with Dina Manzo, Caroline Manzo, and Jacqueline for well over 20 years. Currently, Dolores is going through a rough time as she recently ended a long-term relationship and is moving back into her old house. During Jac’s Christmas party, Dolores reminisces about Teresa and says she NEVER got in trouble her whole life and now the first time she does something she goes to prison. I like that Tre has Dolores this season, and I think Dolores may be a great Dina replacement. We will see if Dolores being friends with both Jac and Teresa will cause any problems.

Teresa Giudice – the Queen, the star!

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I saved the best for last, duh! While we didn’t get to see Teresa until the very end of the episode, the build up to her return was quite eventful. Joe seems to be going a bit stir crazy dealing with his four daughters who is overly excited for their mom’s pending return home. The girls work on welcome home signs and banners for their Tre, and Joe helps them hang everything. Milania is as crazy as ever, no surprise there and seems to be driving her dad and sister Gia nuts. Audriana is as sweet as ever, while Gabriella is her quiet self. The Giudice family attorney, James Leonard, stops by the night before Teresa’s release and picks up clothes for her. During James’ visit, he witnesses the craziness Joe is dealing with. James breaks down the plan to get Teresa home and tells Joe that she will need to wear an ankle monitor and needs to get approval to go anywhere. James makes it clear that they don’t want to jeopardize Teresa’s release at all, so they need to follow all the rules.

Teresa made her prison exit and whisked away in a car to be taken home. In efforts to avoid the paparazzi Teresa is hiding in the car, during the ride Teresa Facetime’s Joe, who is with Gia. Gia’s face is so excited when she sees her mom on the screen. They all talk a bit, and Teresa is so shocked by the media frenzy over her release. Gia then gets her sisters ready for Teresa’s arrival, and they all seem to be so excited. Finally, Teresa pulls up to the house which is swarming with paparazzi and makes her way into the house. When she walks in and sees Joe, she immediately breaks down into tears and says she can’t believe she’s home and that she’s missed Joe and her house so much. After a few hugs and smooches with Joe, Teresa calls for her girls who come running into see her. The entire family breaks down into tears to see each other and finally be reunited. The girls take Teresa around and show her all their signs and banners. Not surprisingly the girls don’t want to leave Teresa’s side and lets Audriana and Milania stay home from school. Teresa seems thrilled to be home, and as Gia and Gabriella go off to school, Teresa happily tells them she’ll be home, and they get home.

I don’t know about you, but I balled my eyes out during Teresa’s homecoming! Cried like a freaking baby.

Thoughts on the season 7 premiere episode? Did you cry at Teresa’s homecoming? How did you like the RHONJ newbies? Are you excited to see how Melissa and Teresa mend their relationship? Sound off on all your thoughts below!

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