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Jacqueline Laurita on Her Love/Hate Relationship with Teresa Giudice

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Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita have a rocky relationship that’s full of ups and downs and highs and lows, and now the two former best friends are once again co-stars on the upcoming seventh season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Recently Jacqueline opened up about her love-hate friendship with Teresa and where she sees their friendship going in the future.

“Teresa and I have a roller coaster friendship. It’s a love/hate relationship. Not all people will understand it,” Jacqueline reveals to PEOPLE.

Season 7 of RHONJ is returning on Sunday, July 10th and with the return of the show Jacqueline says she’s all about “trying to figure out who’s sincere and who’s genuine – I’m all about real relationships, I’m not about TV friends.”

“I’ve been friends with Teresa for 13 years, so there are definitely things that I love about her, or I never would have been friends with her that long … but there are also things that frustrate the crap out of me,” Jacqueline admits.

As for Teresa changing post-prison, Jacqueline says she continued to see “a lot of the old Teresa.” Going on to say that “People don’t change who they are overnight. You might want to change and you might try to change but you are who you are, and Teresa’s Teresa!”

Despite their differences, Jacqueline says she and Teresa will continue to work through the issues.

“We have such a history of friendship and love and fractured relationships, so there’s a lot of repairing that needs to be done. But we work together. We do our best.”

In a sneak peek of season 7, Jacqueline confides in Melissa Gorga about Teresa reaching out to her about their friendship. Jacqueline admits she’s concerned and doesn’t know how to take Teresa’s letter to her.

“I got a letter from Teresa, and it confused the shit out of me,” Jacqueline reveals to Melissa, who asks Jacqueline, “So, have you written to her, have you reach out?”

“No because look how it ended with us. She slammed the door in my face with my finger still caught in the door. Now I don’t understand where this is coming from. Right before she comes home she never put me on her list. What is so different now, that I’m supposed to believe that now it’s sincere,” Jac explains.

Melissa is worried about Jacqueline and that “this letter from Teresa is going to make Jacqueline start to spin again.”

Jacqueline goes on to say, “I feel like she [Teresa] pushed me out and it’s not a good feeling. I don’t know how I’m going to feel, but I guess I’ll know when I see her.”

See the full clip here:

I think the reason Jacqueline didn’t see a change in Teresa is that she didn’t want to see that Teresa has grown. I just don’t know if Jac and Tre are meant to be friends. Maybe they just need to give up attempting to reconcile their once great friendship.

Do you think Teresa has changed since prison? Can Jac and Tre become great friends again?

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