Bethenny Frankel Slams Jules Wainstein – Calls Her “Paranoid!”

Image Source: Bravo

Image Source: Bravo

It doesn’t look like Jules is going to be BFFs with Bethenny Frankel anytime soon! Fans have stated that Bethenny has been too hard on the new girl; however she refuses to apologize for it and stand by her tagline: “If you can’t handle me – You can’t handle the truth!”

Writing in her Bravo Blog Bethenny is anything but kind to Jules saying:

The pizza/calzone scene a.k.a .the Vagina Monologues was just nuts. We know Jules is vajasian and vajewish but we needed graphic pictures to prove it. Whatever meds she’s on is not my business, but asking her to keep them away from the food shouldn’t be too much to ask. Lord knows that calzone was already crowded what with all the cutlery and stainless serving cups and all. I mean girl puleez.

As for her crying to Dorinda about my imaginary criticism of hers, keep it moving. Those meds have you paranoid. I have said so little about her.

Jules is seeing things differently, and took to her blog to let it be known that she is over the mean girls (aka Carole and Bethenny):

My failed attempt at changing up the tone of things from constant fighting to silliness with my pizza-making prank wasn’t my best idea to date, I’ll admit that. But insinuating that I have mental issues, addiction problems and God knows what else because of a dumb joke is not okay. I have two kids and those kinds of accusations shouldn’t be thrown out at someone lightly; they are hurtful and dangerous. You don’t need to be funny at other people’s expense, you don’t need to make yourself look smart by making someone else look dumb, and you don’t need to create drama and issues where none exist just to have something to talk about. You can have all the money in the world, wear the fanciest jewelry and the trendiest clothes, but kindness is the new black.

I’ll admit Jules is kinda kooky but I think she is a sweetheart. Bethenny likes to feel superior so I do think she subconsciously likes to make others feel dumb (perhaps she doesn’t even realize it?)

It will be an interesting reunion as I think Jules may come in with a new set of balls after her recent split from her husband. Perhaps she will put Bethenny and Carole in their place?

Do you think Bethenny is too hard on Jules??

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