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Shannon Beador Says She Is Not an ‘Ungrateful Wife’ While Meghan Edmonds Slams Vicki’s Apology!

Image Source: Bravo
Image Source: Bravo

The ladies of RHOC are starting off with a bang this season picking up right where they left off. Some of the “carry over” storylines from last year include Shannon Beador’s marriage and the Meghan vs. Vicki saga.

Both ladies took to their Bravo Blogs to discuss why they have so much unresolved business from last season, and of course to do a little damage control:

First off, Shannon has had mixed reactions from viewers: Those that see her as the faithful housewife and those that see her as nagging and ungrateful. Shannon addressed the latter in her blog where some viewers attacked her for wanting love and attention from David, then criticizing the gift he gave her:

David has picked out most of the jewelry that I have. And I have really loved anything he has ever bought for me — but not this necklace very much. He decided he didn’t like it either when we got home. I don’t want people to start going off on me that I am an unappreciative wife. I am incredibly grateful for my husband’s thoughtfulness and generosity. I’m quite sure every married woman has received at least one gift over a 15-plus-year marriage that they didn’t like.

Meghan Edmonds was also accused of holding on to last year’s storyline and unable to move on from the Brooks/Vicki mess. Meghan replied that there is good reason as to why she is unable to let it go saying:

Two episodes in and we’re still talking about Brooks…I promise that eventually stops later on in the season. I felt so bad that Heather tried to host a nice, fun party for everyone and she got forced in to a conversation and “apology” from Vicki. Tamra said it best, “What ARE you sorry for?” The apologies seem forced and not genuine, don’t you think?

Meghan also insinuated what viewers were thinking: That Vicki is befriending Kelly only because no one else wants to hang out with her and she is out of options:

I thought that watching the lunch with Kelly and Vicki also seemed forced. It just didn’t seem like they had much chemistry at all, at least that’s the way I saw it.

I will agree with Meghan on that one!

What were you thoughts of the latest episode? Thoughts on the social media reactions regarding Meghan and Shannon?

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