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Carole Radziwill Says Her Body Should Be Studied By Doctors Because of Her Amazing Metabolism!

Image Source: Bravo
Image Source: Bravo

Carole Radziwill is one of the skinniest housewives of NYC; however she claims to eat whatever she wants and pays no attention to calories and nutrition. So what’s her secret? Carole herself couldn’t tell you as she has no clue!

Speaking with People Carole dissected what she eats in an average day and it’s loaded with bad fats and sugar.

Carole claimed her body is defying science as there is no reason as she should be as thin as she is:

“I am a carb junkie, which is strange because they claim carbs put on pounds — in which case my metabolic rate is extraordinary, and should be studied by a team of Swiss doctors.”

Only recently has Carole started to slowly change how she eats and it wasn’t a doctor or health scare that did it – it was a hot man!

“Adam has introduced me to vegan pizza and zucchini pasta and every sort of salad combination one can imagine. All of which he makes taste almost as good as Nutella. Sadly, though — as evidenced by my breakfasts and lunches — when we are not together, I cheat.”

“I don’t have a food philosophy other than: Everything tastes better with salt. My diet reflects the fact that I grew up on pasta and carbs and the occasional piece of fruit in a family with five hungry kids. I learned to eat fast. My eating habits reflect a long and consistent belief that anything that can be eaten quick — and preferably standing up — is best.”

So what does Carole eat in a day? Her average menu is described as:

Coffee with whole milk and 1 Splenda

1 Brach’s peppermint candy
Street-cart hot dog with mustard and sauerkraut
1 slice of Lady M’s Strawberry Mille Crepes cake

At N.Y.C.’s Café Clover:
3 pieces of whole wheat sourdough bread with butter
2 soft shell crabs coated in chickpea flour, fried in avocado oil
1 cup of potato puree with unsalted butter
1 cup of steamed broccoli with butter and salt

Roasted strawberries with lavender honey gelato and a butter sablee
Coffee with whole milk and 1 Splenda
8 oz. glass of Newman’s Own lemonade before bed

Carole certainly isn’t into healthy fats, low salt or fruits/veggies. After seeing her menu I’m glad to see her vegan boyfriend Adam is introducing some natural foods into her diet. Another thought: after seeing her diet I’m wondering how she is going to try and sell a cookbook titled ‘The Reluctant Vegan’ if she herself is pretty much the complete opposite of a vegan??

Are you shocked at how Carole eats? What do you think of her and Adam trying to write a vegan cookbook?

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