Bethenny Frankel’s Health Crisis Revealed! What’s Going On With Her Mystery Illness?

Image Source: Bravo

Image Source: Bravo

We are aware that one of Bethenny’s main storylines this season involves a health scare; however details weren’t exactly clear as to what was going on. We know that it was scary enough to have her thinking about getting a will in place; however as the Skinnygirl seems to be doing well now, viewers are curious as to what was going on.

Speaking with Good Morning America on Wednesday, Bethenny spoke out about the issue which reportedly affects a lot of women:

“The bleeding was so excessive and I was so weak and I felt like I looked so haggard and had such black circles under my eyes that I had to take care of it and it was confusing.”

“It was part of the show and it was affecting the way I was acting on the show and I was very stressed and I couldn’t hear something that Luann was talking about. I felt, like, zoned out because when you’re iron-deficient and you’ve lost so much of your blood, you’re just depleted, and I just felt really terrible. I was always cold. I’m still cold a lot.”

Bethenny has had some past health issues such as cysts and endometriosis. Bethenny even believes that it was fibroids that caused her to miscarry years ago.

Bethenny had the fibroids removed on May 20th which resulted in a six week recovery process.

Bethenny also stated that she thinks she recovered faster as she is in good shape and focuses on health:

“I feel good. I think the way that you recover is really important, the way that you take care of yourself and drink more water. And everyone thinks because I have a brand called Skinnygirl, I’m all focused on health all the time, and I’m not. I’m stressed, I’m a mom, just like anyone else.”

Bethenny has been following a strict diet when healing and drinking green juices, along with using her nutrition knowledge she learned while being a natural foods chef: “I think that that’s why the recovery has been more quick than what my doctor said.”

All in all – Bethenny is now doing well and is ready to move forward with her life saying:

“The rest of my life is really good. I feel happier than I have in such a long time. I’ve had such a difficult road in certain areas. I’m so blessed with my daughter and my career, but I’ve had a difficult couple of years, and my personal life is really good. I feel like I’m coming out on the other side.”

We wish Bethenny a speedy recover!

Thoughts on Bethenny’s health scare storyline?

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