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Was Heather Dubrow Upset By Producers’ Comments In The RHOC Season 8 Uncensored Special?!

Image Source: Bravo
Image Source: Bravo

The RHOC season 8 Uncensored Special was filled with behind the scenes secrets from the season, but according to Heather Dubrow not everything producers said was accurate; in fact she took to her podcast to announce her irritation and clear some things up!

“Some of the producers have some revisionist history going on!” declared Heather. She swears she never tried to have Alexis replaced by a friend once she left Tamra’s CUT fitness dinner. Producers claim that Heather “chased them down” attempting to have her friend replace Alexis on RHOC! “That never happened,” Heather insisted. Adding, “I had no one!

It turns out that Heather had a friend already cast for season 8 and she backed-out last minute, Allison Edmonds; Yes, Jimmy Edmonds’ ex-wife! She explained, “The person that had the contract as the new wife was Allison Edmonds. Allison turned down the contract. Obviously she and Jimmy were not going through a good time and they ultimately ended up getting divorced, and it wasn’t right for her.” She continued, “But we were already filming when she [Allison] said no – and then they brought Alexis back. Our understanding is that’s why they brought Alexis back – that’s what we all knew,” Heather confirmed.

Heather went on to share that Lydia McLAughlin was NOT hired as “Alexis’ friend,” and revealed that she also knew her, and they even filmed a scene together prior to the CUT Fitness party!  “We all knew that they knew each other. And no one was up in arms about that. I remember a lot of people were up in arms that Alexis was coming back.” Heather also pointed out that Tamra knew that Alexis would be attending the party because it was an “all-cast” event.

Onto the story of how Heather was actually cast; this is what really upset Heather.

Heather says she did try to get on the show in an earlier season after a producer approached Terry about the opportunity. Heather had tree small kids at home and was itching to get back on TV! “I did the audition and they strung me along – it was the year they hired Alexis! – to the end, and then, when I heard back, they said I was ‘too New York‘”

At first Terry was relieved that Heather wasn’t joining the cast because “he decided RHOC was too trashy,” which annoyed Heather since he’s the one who suggested she audition! “But then the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills comes out, and of course Adrienne and Paul Nassif are on the show and we knew them for many, many years, so I started watching it. And then I knew the format,” she explained.

By season 7 Heather was ready to join the reality TV craze and was in LA pitching a show about opening a restaurant with some friends. The met with Evolution production company (who also produces RHOC) and after the meeting a producer called Terry to see if Heather would be interested in joining the show. She was not, and even though Terry was persistent, she still refused and he ended up signing the contract. “That’s 100% true,” Heather confirmed. “He wanted it so bad – I was so reluctant.” (As much as I love Terry this is pretty strange)

Their season 8 fight was actually because Terry was constantly bickering with Heather to create drama! “I was so horrified to be on the show, and he was sooo mean about it and he kept pushing my buttons!” she admitted. “He fights dirtier than I do! I never cross the line. He says things for shock value.

Heather was also annoyed by the producer’s comment that Heather runs the marriage; she points out that they live in Orange County because of Terry, are building a mega-mansion because of Terry, and are on TV because of Terry!  “I love every second of it, but he enjoys playing the role of the down-trodden husband with the pushy wife,” she joked. “People who really knew us are like ‘puh-leaze’ That’s why I get so irritated on camera when I’m thrust into this role.

Wow, Heather did not hold back; this is making me look at the Uncensored Special very differently, I wonder what else producers said that wasn’t 100% accurate? This special is causing a lot of off-screen drama and I highly suggest Andy do this for every franchise, every season; the fans loved it!

Thoughts on Heather’s podcast? Are you shocked that Allison Edmonds almost joined? Do you think it’s strange that Terry signed Heather’s contract? Do you like Terry and Heather Dubrow?

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