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RHONY Recap: Invitation Interrupted

Image Source: Bravo
Image Source: Bravo

All aboard! Tonight’s episode of the Real Housewives of New York takes us on one wild ride. So grab a glass or bottle (shh! I won’t tell 😉 of Pinot Grigio and hop on the RHONY crazy train.

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Things start off with a girls night dinner with all the ladies minus Luann and Sonja, which isn’t shocking since they have been on outs with the group all season. During the dinner, Jules complains about her kids and hubby, oh not having a nanny is soo difficult. But really it is, I would imagine. I adore Jules. Bethenny then announces she’s adding a tequila to her SkinnyGirl line and wants to have the girls help her taste test. So that means a trip to Mexico! Hola! But Bethenny isn’t so sure she wants to invite the Countess or Sonja since both ladies like the sauce a little too much plus Sonja is a competitor now (I kid, I kid) with her Tipsy Girl line. At the end of the dinner, Bethenny is undecided on if she will invite them and matters are made worse when the other wives chime and say they will or won’t go if Sonja and Luann are included.

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Meanwhile, Luann visits with Sonja and is bouncing off the walls happy because she’s in love. Luann is one drink away from turning into Tom Cruise when he jumped up and down on Oprah’s couch professing his love for Katie Holmes. And we all know how that ended. Luann, who’s been dating Tom for six weeks, is madly is love, has found her soul mate, and says they will soon be engaged then married. Sonja is shocked by this all, especially because she reveals to the camera NOT Luann that she was sleeping with Tom last month and has slept with him multiple times. Sonja even calls Tom, “my Tom.” I think Tom has a thing for Housewives – first Ramona, then Sonja, now Luann. To the rest of the cast – be careful ladies Tom might try to sleep with you all and get the real trifecta.

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Carol then pops over to Bethenny’s for some girl talk. The two talk about the upcoming trip which turns into them talking about their love lives. Bethenny reveals the new man in her life is great because he has his career and life. Bethenny also admits she is taking back her claim she would NEVER get married again and is putting the option back no the table. Carole then opens up about her love life and reveals that she never gets close in her relationships and can easily walk away at any time. She thinks it’s strange that she has a lot of temporary connections and only seems to fall in love when there’s an end date.

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Ramona and her daughter Avery are getting their hair extensions done by a new company Ramona is working with, and Luann joins them. Luann again gushes over her love for Tom and their plans for marriage as she did with Sonja. Ramona is SHOCKED, and questions why Luann is moving so fast. Luann admits that she was engaged to her ex-husband after five days and married two weeks after meeting; saying when you know, you know. In an attempt to help her friend, Ramona reveals to Luann that Tom still talks to his ex daily and even bought her a bracelet for Christmas. Luann is taken aback by Ramona and doesn’t get why she can’t be happy for her. Luann insists that Tom and his ex-are just friends.

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Sonja and Dorinda meet up. Dorinda then talks with Sonja about the upcoming trip to Mexico and gives her the heads up that she and Luann may not be invited. Sonja is not happy. Dorinda urges Sonja to apologize to Bethenny and to stop her Tipsy Girl line. Sonja refuses and says she has partners and can’t stop her Tipsy Girl line from coming out. Not one of Sonja’s products has ever been released so I’m sure Tipsy Girl will be no different. I have to agree with Bethenny; Sonja can’t play both sides of the fence you can’t be business smart one minute then play stupid the next. Pick a side Sonja and stick with it.

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Dorinda and John catch up with Jules and Michael for dinner, when the Wainstein’s are a little late because of Michael. Jules spends the whole dinner talking about Michael and how stressed she is over his behavior. Dorinda attempts to calm Jules, but it doesn’t work; she continues to get aggravated at Michael. Michael is oblivious to it all and spends much of the time on this phone, which Jules says is very common. Jules reveals that she’s even getting bald spots from the stress that aggravates her alopecia areata. Things get even more awkward when Michael brings up hiring a hot nanny. This episode is so telling considering that Michael just filed for divorce. #TeamJules

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Bethenny then grabs drinks with Luann, and when Bethenny arrives, she reveals that she’s bleeding a lot, and it’s not stopping. She says she’s heading to the doctors tomorrow, but Luann seems more interested in talking about Tom and how madly in love she is then worrying about Bethenny’s obvious health issue. Luann goes on, and on, and on about Tom. Gag me! Then Luann blabs to Bethenny how unhappy Ramona was for her and how she tried to ruin things by claiming Tom still sees his ex. Bethenny doesn’t like that Tom is buying jewelry for his, but Luann says things like that happen when your friends with your ex but Bethenny wouldn’t know that. Bethenny, who is clearly in pain, tries to escape from drinks, but Luann is set on talking about this Mexico trip and finding out if she’s invited. Even after Bethenny says she’s not up to talking about it, Luann continues to push. Bethenny get’s fed up and tells Luann she doesn’t listen at all and just talks. Luann apologizes but then continues to talk. Luann then has to leave to meet Tom and invites herself to Mexico leaving Bethenny flabbergasted.

Thoughts on tonight’s episode of RHONY?

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