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Where Do LeeAnne Locken & Cary Deuber Stand Today; Plus Does Mark Deuber Regret The Way His Wife Talked About Him On Camera?

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Image Source: Google Images

On Monday night’s RHOD finale Cary Deuber and LeeAnne Locken finally faced off over the feud they’ve been having all season. The two were not fast friends to begin with, and as the season was underway LeeAnne started spreading telling all of Dallas that Cary and her husband (aka her wife) Mark got together when he was still married to his ex-wife!

Cary opened up to The Daily Dish about where her relationship currently stands with LeeAnne and revealed she’s as confused as ever when it comes to The Mouth Of The South! “I mean, I don’t know cause like I don’t talk to her,” Cary revealed.

She further explained that, “And the other day she said something to me on Twitter again. It’s just so weird. She apologized to me and said she was ‘sorry’ for starting rumors, I guess, and talking behind my back, which is what she’s done — not just on the show but in Dallas. The whole season all I’ve heard back from friends and people who barely even know me — like at yoga class, will come up to me and be like, ‘I ran into this girl and she’s just bad mouthing you and saying all kinds of crazy stuff.’ And they know me. They know I’m a good, decent human being and a nice person, so they feel the need to tell me… I mean it made me sick to my stomach. I was just so stressed out and sick about the whole thing ’cause I don’t like having that negative energy around me. So, I don’t know, she apologized and we’ll just have to see where it goes from here. I think I need to probably have a face-to-face with her alone kind of a thing.

Then the conversation shifted to her relationship with her husband Mark, who Cary insists was SINGLE when they got together. Cary admits she caught a lot of heat on social media for the jokes she made about her husband, but Mark joined to her clarify that the relationship is humorous for both of them and he takes no offense to her comments!

I think certainly the scenes that take place at our home, you know, we have alot of fun with each other. We really like each other and we have a playful relationship and there really is a mutual respect,” Mark said of Cary’s “sarcastic” sense of humor! He added, “I’ve looked at some of the comments on Twitter and [the] social media world seems to think that Cary disses me or calls me her ‘wife’ at home. She’s the boss at home and I’m the boss at work, but I mean that’s just a funny lighthearted attitude between the two of us. I didn’t take any of that as a diss — I think that she respects me a ton and I respect her a ton.”

Cary agreed with Mark’s comments and wrapped, “I don’t know that I can say that I’ve learned any lessons, most of it’s just Twitter trolls and stuff, people’s comments. I guess us watching it back, maybe I need to be more sensitive, maybe I’m kinda mean. I’m like, ‘I’m not that way. I’m a really a sweet person.’ I joke around, I can be sarcastic, but, you know, what? He gets me. He knows my personality and I get him. He can be that way with me too and be kind of bossy and whatever, but I get that and I know that’s how he is. We are who we are.

I liked Cary this season, however something about Mark makes me a bit uncomfortable to watch. While it’s not our place to judge their relationship, they did put it out there for the world to see; based off of previous social media encounters I know I’m not the only one who feels this way! If RHOD gets a season 2 I’m sure Cary will be back, as she deserves to!

Thought’s on Cary’s interview? Did you like her this season? Are you surprised she’s not friends with LeeAnne? Thoughts on Mark?

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