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Brandi Glanville Reflects On The ‘Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ Munchausen Talk & All That Lisa Vanderpump Drama

The Real Housewives of Beverly HIlls - Season 4
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Season six of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was intense and dramatic, and while Brandi Glanville only played a minor role she still has a lot to say when it comes to the drama involving her BFF Yolanda Hadid and arch nemesis Lisa Vanderpump.

During a recent interview with Brandi dished on LVP’s manipulation of others and the criticism of Yolanda Hadid’s health during season six of RHOBH.

As for the shit-talking that went down about Yolanda’s health during season six, Brandi says, “I was actually super upset.”

Brandi was especially upset and mad that the Housewives brought up the word Munchausen and continued to discuss it all season.

“I know Yo so well and love her. She’s been struggling with this for years, so why now are they bringing this up? We’ve seen the struggle. The struggle is real. Her hanging out outside of the show, none of the other ladies hang out with her outside of the show, except for possibly Erika [Girardi] now. They didn’t see her going through her treatments. They didn’t see when she couldn’t move out of bed. For them to go after someone who’s sick? … Why go after somebody who is weak, already? I just feel like these women are bullies. I was just so mad because someone who is sick doesn’t need the world questioning whether she’s sick now. That conversation will never go away, so it’s forever going to be part of her story. It’s not OK. It’s not fair. It’s not fair to her. It’s really insensitive, and that’s what they are. They don’t want to talk about themselves, so they talk about the person who’s going through the most, the hardest time. It’s like talk about your own sh*t ladies, we all know you have it,” Brandi explained.

Brandi also has some strong opinions about Lisa Rinna bringing up Munchausen at the urging of Lisa Vanderpump to make a more interesting storyline for the season.

Despite Brandi’s anger at the Munchausen drama, she is thankful for LR, saying, “You know, the Lisas drive me nuts. I feel like, thank God for Lisa Rinna being so crazy. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have had a season.”

Brandi makes it clear she STILL has issues with Rinna, “Then, at the same time, it’s like she’s always saying, “own your sh*t, own your sh*t,” but she is the person that said it in the first place. So, own your sh*t! Yes, we all know that Vanderpump, as they call her, is very manipulative, and she lies. I’ve known that forever. We’ve all known that. So, now that you’ve brought up the conversation own that you brought it up.”

Brandi continues by putting some if not most of the blame on LVP saying she knows how LVP works and is familiar with her games.

“It’s frustrating, and I do know Vanderpump is manipulative and definitely was a part of it for sure, but you have to own up to the fact that the audience saw you say it. That’s all we saw. It’s sad.”

While Brandi doesn’t have the best relationship with a majority of the RHOBH cast, she still wanted to have her say when Bravo asked her to do the reunion. Although Brandi says, she knew right away that she didn’t want to be on the couch with the wives

“I didn’t want to go sit on the couch with the ladies. I felt like they talked enough about me over the season, so why would I sit there and have a firing squad against me and have them all come at me? What would I gain from that? So, it was just kind of like; I’ll do this on my terms, at my house with a glass of wine and nobody talking back to me,” Brandi admits.

Oh, Brandi, you can’t seem to quit RHOBH can you? I think Brandi was spot on with a lot of things she said. And I think her time as a Housewife isn’t over. I have a sneaky suspicion she could be back in front of the Housewives cameras sometime soon.

Thoughts on Brandi’s season six insights? Do you think LVP or Rinna is to blame for the Munchausen drama? Will Yolanda ever be able to live down the Munchausen label?

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