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Jac Laurita Continues Her Rant About The RHONJ Season Seven Cast!

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Over the weekend, Jacqueline Laurita attempted to clear the air about the Real Housewives of New Jersey season seven cast but instead got caught in a lie. Jac continued to rant after being called out for purposely lying about the cast and leaving Robyn Levy out. It seems Jac found all the drama “hilarious” and went on to complain about it on Instagram.

On her Instagram post about the season seven cast, Jacqueline took to the comments section and fired back at practically every criticism she received.

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Image Source: Jacqueline Laurita Instagram

Jac claims she made the post to clear the air saying, “A lot of people were very confused, and asked for the answer. I gave it to them.”

As for her leaving Robyn out, Jacqueline claims, “Well @mastrangelos & @jammonroe, that’s because Robin wasn’t in the photo I had posted that a fan made with Rosie and the rest of us, or on the bravotv.com website where I was explaining where the individual pictures came from. Plus, she isn’t introduced in the first episode. She will appear later. I wasn’t trying to offend her; she just wasn’t included in the picture I was talking about. I know she is really anxious to get noticed, but she shouldn’t worry, her time is coming.”

And Jacqueline’s reasoning for including Kim D, who is an unpaid friend of the Housewives was that fans were already familiar with her.

“Me adding in Kim D was because you guys already know who she is. Nobody knows Robin yet,” Jacqueline wrote.

Jacqueline then claimed there was nothing misleading about her post, even claiming she left Robyn out because she “tagged her name wrong lol.”

“The point is @mary.perfetto There was nothing misleading about it! She is part of the full cast, and that’s what the fan had posted a picture of taken off the Bravotv.com website. Pay attention! Kathy is always around because we are all really friends.”

Going on to say, “The picture wasn’t misleading. Everyone posted the cast photo when the show was announced. The other picture was of the full cast taken off bravotv.com I’m sorry you are a having a hard time understanding common sense.”

To end it all Jacqueline said she and her friends “just keep giggling over this! This is hilarious!”

Funny how Danielle Staub like Jacqueline sounded when she said: “Pay Attention!” Oh, how the tables have turned. Jacqueline purposely left Robyn out and got caught then tries to cover up her lies even more.

Thoughts on Jacqueline’s rants?

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