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5 Reasons Why Robyn Levy Should Be Added To The RHONJ Season 7 Bios!

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Robyn Levy is a major player in season seven of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. And while she is in multiple scenes of the preview and plays a big part in the season’s drama you wouldn’t know it by Bravo’s release of the full cast list for the show.

When Bravo released the cast bio’s of both the full-time Housewives and friends of the Housewives aka Rosie Pierri and Kathy Wakile, Robyn was let out. Robyn, who sources tell us is a paid friend of the Housewives, and has just as big a role as Kathy and Rosie if not more significant but was for some reason (more on that later) left out.

So, the AATRH team thought we’d tell you and Bravo (Andy I’m talking to you) why Robyn should be announced as a friend of the Housewives and be given a bio on Bravotv.com

1.She’s BFF with BOTH Teresa Giudice And Melissa Gorga

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Robyn is BFF’s with both Teresa and Melissa and the trio looks like the have a fantastic time together. The three ladies are loyal and supportive of each other and go to bat for each other throughout season seven.

2.Robyn CLEARLY knows how to have fun.

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From her Instagram alone, it’s clear Robyn likes to party and have fun. Plus it looks like she has no problem being silly. And let’s face it we need some fun in between all the drama.

3.Her son #Jaketheman is crazy adorable.

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If you scroll through Robyn’s Instagram, it’s clear her son Jake is a huge part of her life. Jake is so cute and seems like such a ball of fun, who wouldn’t want that to be part of RHONJ.

4.She and her wife Christina would be the FIRST lesbian couple on Real Housewives.

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While RHONJ has a lesbian on it already, Hi Rosie. Robyn and her wife Christina would be the first couple, who have a child, and are in fact Housewives to be represented on any of the franchises. It would be groundbreaking for Bravo to feature a lesbian couple on the show.

5.Robyn goes toe to toe with Jacquline Laurita and causes major drama with the cast!

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Robyn and Jacqueline get into a HUGE fight on the cast trip to Vermont, and things got so bad that Robyn and her wife had to leave. This fight caused major drama and caused a huge rift in the cast that remained for the rest of the season.

It’s clear Robyn needs to listed as part of the cast!

Do you think Robyn should be announced as RHONJ cast member and given a bio? Why do you think she was left out? Sound off below.

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