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Which Real Housewife Star is Apologizing for Being Racially Insensitive??

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Real Housewives are known to get themselves into hot water and constantly are apologizing for their words and actions. We’ve seen Lisa Rinna’s husband wear a swastika shirt and Brandi Glanville say that black people don’t swim, so who is in hot water for being what some are saying racially insensitive this time?? The answer may surprise you!

Image Source: Google
Image Source: Google

It’s friend of RHOA Marlo Hampton! Marlo was spotted out wearing a shirt that says ‘I love my redneck boyfriend’ which also had a confederate flag on it. Marlo can’t play stupid as to why this flag is offensive to many: she lives in the south after all! Fans were also shocked that as an African American woman, she wouldn’t take offense to the flag.

The confederate flag has been a hot debate as many feel that it stands for a time where slavery was in place and African Americans did not have rights. It was in the news again last year as South Carolina was debating whether it should actually fly on their Capitol grounds (it eventually came down to the relief of many.)

So what did Marlo think of all of the hostility towards her wearing this shirt? Like a good housewife, she apologized for anyone she may have hurt:

“A message to my fans:

Please accept my sincere apologies for any offense that was taken by my previous post. Please watch this video to understand my point of view. It was not my intention to hurt or disrespect anyone. I truly respect all of your opinions and point of views. Thank you to @c_brewton* for inviting me to my first NASCAR experience, opened my eyes and I learned a lot. We live in a very big world and while not all point of views will be understood they definitely should be respected. Again, my deepest apologies.”

In this day and age (and being from Atlanta of all places!) I find it hard to believe that she really didn’t know wearing this out would cause some controversy.

What do you think of Marlo’s apology? Do you think she was wrong for wearing a shirt with a confederate flag?

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