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Jim Marchese Claims His Domestic Violence Arrest Damaged His Reputation; Says He Wanted To Sue For $500 Million!

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Former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jim Marchese never disappoints and in a new interview with he takes his rants to a whole new level as he blames liberal culture for his April arrest for domestic violence.

Jim, who is now suing Virgin Airlines for $100 million over his arrest for domestic violence at LAX in April,; claims that he almost sued for $500 million and that he would have given MOST of the money to men who are falsely accused of domestic abuse.

A little lost? Jim was arrested after allegedly grabbing his wife Amber by the neck and threatening her while onboard a Virgin Airlines flight from LAX to New Jersey. Prosecutors decided against perusing charges against Jim for what he calls a flight attendants misinterpretation of him snuggling with his wife before take-off.

Not sure how you can misinterpret snuggling for grabbing by the neck but if you say so, Jim.

According to Jim “It was a delusional hyper-vigilant psycho liberal from California who probably isn’t used to a man and a woman touching each other. In my opinion, only someone who is extremely oversensitive to domestic violence, who is not accustomed to the traditional relationship would make such an outrageous allegation … The uber-liberal turns everything into domestic violence. Domestic violence is their buzz word, next to wanting drugs.”

Jim claims the accusations by the airline may have damaged his reputation, and he wants to hold Virgin Airlines responsible for any lasting damage. The former reality star moonlights as an expert witness in high-end cases of mortgage-backed securities fraud; claiming his arrest could undermine his credibility on the stand. Jim and his family appeared on a REALITY show full of petty drama and Jim spends hours a day on Twitter spewing excessive rants where he belittles and badgers people, but he’s worried about an arrest affecting his reputation. Sorry to break it to you the damage is already done.

“What Virgin America did wiped that career out. I can guarantee since I’ve been back, I haven’t gotten a single call for a job, and it’s not hard to figure out why” Jim reveals.

Amber, Jim’s wife, and former Real Housewife chimed in saying,“No matter what we say, Jim is still being labeled as a wife beater. They’re looking at me differently. I don’t want people looking at me like I’m some sort of victim.”

Jim still insists he could have sued for more saying,“I probably could have gone for $500 million if I could have done it with a straight face,” and given the money to “men who are victims of this stupid system where domestic violence has become the number one go-to for lawyers.”

Going on to say that he would probably donate part of the money to real domestic violence victims but admits no one buy his nice guy act.

“That’s way too nice. People are not going to like that,” Jim claims.

Both Amber and Jim still aren’t happy with how to were portrayed and edited on RHONJ, making it clear they wouldn’t return to show. However before Jim’s arrest, the couple were in Los Angeles to film a new reality show, set to premiere in October.

Now after Jim’s arrest, they aren’t sure if producers will still want to continue with the couple.

“I can’t imagine this [arrest] is going to have a positive effect,” Jim says.

Oh, Jim, part of me hopes you win this lawsuit so that you can bank your millions, leave your horrible Twitter rants behind and disappear from our radar. A girl can dream but I alas you’re probably in for one hell of a legal battle so buckle up.

Thoughts on Jim and Amber’s interview? Has Jim’s arrest ruined his reputation or was it already tainted? Do you think Jim will win his lawsuit? Do you believe the allegations against Jim are true or was it all a misunderstanding?

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