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RHOD Recap: Black And Blues!

Image Source: Bravo
Image Source: Bravo

The Real Housewives of Dallas got a little more personal this week but don’t worry the claws still came out.

Tiffany joins LeeAnne and her over the top charity friend Heidi for brunch. Heidi is BIG deal in the charity world, yet Tiffany throws some shade saying how she NEVER sees her at events, to which Heidi digs back saying the whole point of charity is to do it anonymously.

Tiffany reveals that she’s doing an event to raise money for Light of Tomorrow, and her hubby will be performing. Heidi and Tiffany are on board cause they just LOVE charity. The conversation quickly turns to gossip as Cary’s name comes up. Heidi says Cary got her man by “getting on her knees under his desk.”

Speaking of Cary, she and Mark are at work and are seeing a ton of new business after the photos they took of Cary for their website. It turns out it’s Cary and Mark’s anniversary which he remembered, and she forgot. All Mark wants as his gift is SEX, which he starts talking about in the middle of a surgery surrounded by a bunch of his employees. Hella awkward. Later in the night, Cary and Mark are home, and Mark surprises Cary with a Roberto Cavalli dress and she gets him a card but promises him sex.
Brandi is still reeling from her horrible dinner with her husband last week, and it doesn’t look like the two have patched it up. Brandi gets hit with a double whammy when she finds out her brother, a veteran of the armed forces, is dealing with PTSD and attempted to take his life. For support during this sad time, Brandi turns to her BFF Stephanie instead of her husband. Later Brandi and Bryan finally catch up, and he apologizes for his behavior. They seem to work things out…for now.

Tiffany and LeeAnne reappear, and Tiffany tells her all about Brandi’s brother. LeeAnne puts things into perspective and says she wants to squash all the drama and make amends with Stephanie and Brandi.

LeeAnne and Stephanie meet for lunch and crush their little feud. Stephanie accepts LeeAnne’s apology but knows it’s all BS and that LeeAnne only cares about herself which is evident since she can’t stop making it all about her and her life.

The night of Tiffany’s event arrives, and all the ladies show up to the House of Blues. Aaron, Tiffany’s husband, does and fantastic job and dedicates a song to Brandi’s brother which makes every get emotional. Meanwhile, LeeAnne is bitching about Tiffany’s fauxhawk. Also, Heidi invites Cary to her “Gothic state fair” themed party after talking shit about how she met her husband.

The Gothic state fair party is here, and everyone is dressed in black and eating corn dogs and Frito pie. LeeAnne then has a conversation with Rick about Cary and how she pushes buttons. LeeAnne then spreads the rumor that Cary and Mark hooked up before their previous marriages were over, but Rick shuts LeeAnne down saying that’s just a rumor.

Cary and her friend Courtney arrive late to the party, and there’s a ton of tension. Cary isn’t into the party and is clearly uncomfortable. Heidi is upset that Cary didn’t greet her with a hug. just talked so much shit about this woman, and now you want her to hug you?

The party splits into two groups, and things get awkward when someone suggest the two groups hang together. After they all come together, Heidi announces that Cary is going to give the group a demonstration on the corn dog much to Cary’s surprise. Cary refuses saying she doesn’t demonstrate on corn dogs and that she only does BJs on her husband who isn’t here.

After a lot of award silences, Cary and Courtney leave the party.

Thoughts on tonight’s RHOD episode?

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