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Amber & Jim Marchese Speak Out on Domestic Abuse Allegations – Plan on Filing $100 Million Lawsuit!

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Former RHONJ stars Jim and Amber Marchese have been vocal that their recent domestic abuse allegations that got them kicked off a Virgin America flight at LAX are 100% false and that they would be following up with details. The Jersey based couple is now coming forward with what went down, speaking out to People Magzine and stating that they plan to sue for $100 million!

If you recall, Jim was taken into custody as witnesses on the flight claimed they saw him grab Amber by the throat while threatening her. Amber herself bailed him out and claimed there was no truth to the story but the couple instead was engaging in some PDA.

The couple is now sharing that they plan to file a $100 million lawsuit against the airline and are speaking out further on the subject. Amber gave her statement on what really went down saying:

“Jim put his hand behind my neck and leanED me closer to him. It was hard to hear. So he pulled me closer so he could whisper to me so the other passengers couldn’t hear us.”

Jim gave his account to the magazine stating: “My understanding is that flight attendant saw my arm around the back of Amber [during the PDA], and that where the accusation came from. I don’t know definitely if it was [the flight attendant], but I assume it was her because she’s the only one who could notify the captain and call the police.”

The couple was then separated and both Jim and Amber claim that they had no idea why they were kicked off the flight or what was going on:

“[An officer] says, ‘You’re not going anywhere until you’re tell me what happened. People are watching, it’s embarrassing and humiliating. I’m sitting there and say, ‘Officer, nothing happened.’ He bluntly says, ‘Why don’t you tell me how your husband attacked you.’ “

Amber was then placed in handcuffs as she attempted to get to her husband which the police were not allowing:

[The officer says], ‘If you tell us how you’re husband choked you, we’ll take the handcuffs off you’. “I said, ‘Well then, I guess we’re not going to get the handcuffs off me.’ “

When Jim was taken to jail, Amber’s neck was photographed and per the Marcheses, there was no evidence of injury.

Amber remained firm that she is not in an abusive relationship saying “I am no victim.”

Although the couple is known for their strong conservative beliefs and support of the police, Amber stated this incident made her realize the extent that the police can abuse their power.  The couple mentioned that feel fortunate they have the funds and knowledge to navigate the legal system. Per Amber:

“Cops are whipping guns out and shooting poor kids in the street who didn’t anything. It’s really scary. I could never imagine a mother who lost their child because they couldn’t keep their guns in their harness.”

This has been a bizarre story and I’m sure it’s far from over with the Marcheses taking legal action. We will keep you updated as it unfolds.

Thoughts on Jim and Amber filing a $100 million lawsuit?

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