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Meet The Women Who Turned Down Being On The Real Housewives Of Dallas!

Image Source: Bravo
Image Source: Bravo

In a world that loves reality TV, many women would die to be a Real Housewife and enjoy the fame that comes along with being a reality star, but it seems like not everyone wants in on the drama. The latest Housewife franchise set in Dallas, Texas has a had some significant growing pains during its first season and now the women who turned down being on the show are speaking out about why they chose not to step in front of the camera.

First up meet Robin McGonigle a real estate agent in Dallas who claims she turned down a spot on the Real Housewives of Dallas.

Image Source: Robin McGonigle Facebook

Robin, who used to live in Orange County, sold multi-million dollar homes to the wealthy and fabulous and was often contacted by Real Housewives producers to help cast rich, high profile women for the show. When Robin moved to Dallas, the casting agents now wanted her in front of the cameras.

Originally, I talked to Rich Bye who has Goodbye [Pictures] and they’re playing on the show was that it was women and inspiring women who had lost it all and come back and how they juggle career and family. And so that’s how the show was pitched to me, not pitched to me as Housewives. So I entertained that because I’m a single mom with four kids, and I sell residential real estate, so I thought that might be helpful to other people to kind of hear my story and encourage them and all the single moms out there who work and have kids.”

Robin, who grew up in Dallas, has no connection to any of the wives and only met them during the casting process.

Now another woman by the name of Cynthia Smoot, who’s blog is known to the Housewives of Dallas as the “TMZ of the charity world,” is very familiar with several of the Housewives.

Cynthia Smoot Real Housewives Dallas
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Smoot, who can be seen in several of the RHOD episodes, blogged about why she chose not to be a full-time cast member.

“Well, first I wanna clarify. I titled that post ‘Why I Declined a Role’ primarily for SEO purposes. Like, I am a marketer. I know how to get things read and found on Google, but to clarify, I never declined a role because I never went out for casting to even go through the process to be offered a role,” Cynthia says.

“I was not interested in ever being full cast. I’m a huge fan of the Housewives franchise and reality TV programming in general. That’s kind of what I enjoy. I also love Survivor. That doesn’t mean I want to go on Survivor either. So for me, there’s a big difference [between] being a fan of the show and being a fan of what I think it can be for Dallas. So I never had an interest in being cast. I’m just a fan of the franchise, and I was thrilled when several of my friends did make it on to the show.”

Despite neither women wanting to be on RHOD, they don’t seem to mind riding the coattails of the cast while trying to get some free publicity.

I think it’s interesting that these women didn’t want to be part of RHOD because they seem like the type of women the cast needs. These women are successful, wealthy, and fit the part of a Housewife yet they wanted nothing to do with the franchise. I wanted extreme wealth and Southern glamor from RHOD, and that’s not what I got at all.

Are you surprised these women turned down being on RHOD? Do you think they would have made excellent additions to the cast?

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