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RHOD Recap: Locken Loaded

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This weeks’ episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas was called Locken Loaded, but nothing could of prepared us for her craziness! Our favorite Texas ladies made us laugh, scratch our heads, and cover our eyes this week; but halfway through the season I will admit, I’m finally into RHOD!

We start off this week with Stephanie meeting with decorator to make some changes to son’s room. Travis is very involved and we find out that his mom was a decorator, and despite his bad taste (her opinion-not mine) he thinks he inherited her talents! He wasn’t agreeing with the decorator, or Stephanie and had a lot of objections to what they’ve picked out. Stephanie reveals that as much as she LOVES her expensive diamond bracelet, she really just wishes that Travis would trust her!

Brandi and her husband Brian need to deal with the fallout from last week when he arrived very late to her family party, drunk! Brandi’s really upset and feels alone and neglected, for not only her, but her daughters as well; I totally agree and feel for her here.

Brandi heads over to rarely seen “friend of the housewives Marie’s house to give her daughter a dance lesson; I guess Marie hasn’t heard of dancing school? All kidding aside, Brandi is totally in her element and definitely has some great moves; maybe Dancing With The Stars is in her future!

At home LeeAnn is telling Rich about her new feud with Marie that all stems from hate-messages that Marie was sending Tiffany about LeeAnn. This baffles LeeAnn, and she opens up about her 20+ year friendship with Marie; they too met modeling!

Back at Marie’s the dance lesson turns to gab session and Marie actually sides with Brandi, and agrees that LeeAnn needs therapy! In her interview Marie says that LeeAnn needs to apologize to Brandi for calling her, “a little piece of sh*t trash!

Cary and Mark are shopping for clothes and as much as I like her something about their relationship wierds me out! They are prepping for a photo shoot for their website and she is the perfect model! He acts very strange around women’s clothing and gets overly excited; I was cringing by the end of this scene!

It’s time for a fun hang-out sesh with Stephanie and Brandi and this time they hold off on the poop talk. They do however talk about pubes, blue balls, and toenail biting, yuck! They did a lot of laughing and then get serious about Brandi’s marriage crisis. Stephanie says was embarrassed that Travis was even a part of Brian’s behavior and that shows she’s a real, genuine friend to Brandi. Stephanie shares in her interview that Brandi and Brian have no communication; she urges Brandi to have a date night with Brian, and Brandi agrees this is a good idea!

Tiffany is clearly on LeeAnn’s side of the argument with Marie, and the two of them are headed to her house to discuss her beef with LeeAnn! Tiffany went so far as to print out all of the texts, and wow were there a lot of them! LeeAnn is not concerned about her friendship with Marie, but with her reputation in the charity world; this speaks volumes about her character!

LeeAnn and Tiffany share a prayer in front of Marie’s house before they go in, and they are ready for battle! Tiffany feels that Marie has an “agenda” in trying to bring her into her beef with LeeAnn and I somewhat agree! Tiffany breaks the ice and Marie acts shocked that Tiffany was offended. LeeAnn starts reading the texts out loud, and ultimately Marie cops to what she said; she had no choice. Marie responds that she has tried to talk to LeeAnn but had no luck. Marie was horrified by LeeAnn’s behavior at her party and it really opened her eyes. LeeAnn fires back that she only left the party because she was afraid of what she would do to Brandi. She starts to cry then starts to scream and ultimately Marie apologizes.

It’s photo-shoot day and Mark served as photographer and stage mom. He was very into it, and with some time Cary warmed up to the camera. She looked gorgeous, but I wonder if the show will be good for the Deuber’s practice; he is portrayed as quite strange!

Brandi is at home with her girls where we find out that she is basically a single mom. She reveals that she has no nanny and her girls are in rare form while she’s cooking dinner! Brandi calls Brian and things seem okay between them, she asks him out for date night and he says yes; I am cautiously optimistic for them at this point!

It’s finally date night and Brian doesn’t seem in the mood for any lovin’; he’s tired from all the traveling of course. I don’t understand what his job is, but I plan on finding out more specifics in our upcoming interview with Brandi; stay tuned! Brian complains about being tired multiple times and they have no visible connection. I personally think that Brian would be acting different if the cameras weren’t around; maybe we’ll see a warmer side of him in season 2! (or he will be MIA)

Brandi speaks up and says she needs Brian to be around more, and she isn’t getting the attention that she needs. He’s disgusted by this and completely disagrees; I’m team Brandi on this one! Brandi also asks Brian for more family time, and says they are way too separated; Brian’s response was a shrug. I feel so bad for her on this date, and finally she asks Brian what she did wrong. He won’t respond which brings her to tears; again he just stares and says “seriously.

What happens next is just mean; Brian walks out on Brandi. He leaves her alone at the table in tears, and this is not a good sign for what’s to come for them!

Next week LeeAnn makes fun of Cary’s website photos and Brandi’s brother is in crisis!

Thoughts on this week’s RHOD? Let’s Discuss!

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